What I hate about Craigslist

I have a love-hate relationship with Craigslist.

On one hand, I LOVE getting things for less than their retail price. Love. Craigslist is a great place to do that. And it feels like recycling, which is just nice for everyone. Heck, we got our TV stand off of Craigslist, and that little venture turned out awesome.

But then there’s the other side. The side that drives you crazy.

I’ve ranted about bad sellers on Craigslist, but today I have a different gripe: bad buyers.

Can we all just agree that if I have posted something for sale on CL, I want to sell it? I am not making this posting just to chat with you for a bit. I am not making this posting because I think it’s funny or fun or enjoyable. I have something that I don’t want to have anymore, and if I can make a buck on it, that would make me happy.

We’re all on the same page with that one? Great.

Now can you please explain to me why you’re emailing me just to shoot the breeze, ask questions that I already answered in the original post, and then ultimately disappear from my life without even just TELLING me that you’re no longer interested?

I used to think it was kind of ridiculous when people would add “serious buyers only” to their posts. I mean, what kind of person would email who wasn’t serious about buying?

Turns out those posters were just much wiser than poor, naive me.

Part of my plan for upping the decor factor of the apartment involves making some changes in the dining room. One of those changes is selling the server we have currently (it’s nice, but too small for our needs) and replacing it with two servers from IKEA (they are the perfect width to exactly span the wall, giving the impression of built-in storage). First, though, I need to sell the old one.

Another great quality pic, amiright?

Craigslist was the first place I thought of when I wanted to sell. I made a post, and sat back to wait. (Well, really I was at work, so I went back to doing work things.)

Lo and behold, within minutes I had a response. About an hour later, I had another one. And an hour after that, I had ANOTHER one.

Obviously, I gave priority to the first girl to respond. The trouble was, she wasn’t getting back to me very quickly.

After about 12 hours, I told the second girl that if she was ready to buy now, I would give her priority. Suddenly she had so many questions. What was the price of the piece? (Um…it had been in the title of the post AND in the actual post. Seriously?) Oh, well, she needed to talk it over with her husband.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t tell people I want to buy large pieces of their furniture without at least passing the idea by my husband.

As you probably suspected, I never heard back from her after that.

Interestingly enough, I did hear back from the first girl. She wanted it. She would come get it on Wednesday. Perfect!

I gave her my address. And promptly received a spammy-type email explaining how she wanted to pay me through Paypal. D’oh!

Not a chance, lady. This is Craigslist, not Amazon. I explained this would be a cash-only transaction. And I never heard from her again.

The third potential buyer turned out to be a spambot. (After I sent him an email letting him know I had another buyer, I received a spammy “So glad tobuy yer furnature” email. Classic.

So, here I am, with zero buyers. Fortunately, enough time passed that I could re-post my furniture. I also made a posting on Apartment Therapy. Their classifieds always seem classier anyway. So if anyone knows anyone looking for a like-new server for their dining room, lemme know!

Serious buyers only. Srsly.