Let me take care of that for you

Has anyone else ever tried this site? Basically, they take snippets from every tweet you’ve made and generate “your next tweet.” It’s kind of hilarious.

Most of them don’t make sense. And/or make it sound like you’re not NOT high.

Essentially, you can drunk tweet without a sip of alcohol in your system. Brilliant, non?

Here are a few posts it came up with for me (it helps if you imagine me actually writing them…while intoxicated):

Oh, I can spend hours on a BIT biased, but I would be a midnight grilled cheese from my life.

I can’t figure out me a bar of the way to paint today. And I’m a liar. Fantastic night. Now can do it!

Boys with me feel the prize…apartment cleaning=goo to do if not a good thing. Ok, universe. I do!

Guess where we’ll wind up? I do! Oh, I can’t wait to do it! He’s such a book. I loved mine.

The weirdest part? Well… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? Agreed. They’re red.

The whole network is life-changing, we still have karaoke?? Must…resist… Goals for the tip!

At a hate-free zone. Fantastic. The living room, kitchen and Jersey Boys with the longest, most emo?

Please tell me a diva. WHOA! First day just ran six miles tonight. Trying to my uterus ;- Thanks for.

Thanks, guys! Haha adorable. Exciting! I’ll be cute…if I would I feel guilty spending my apartment: The.