I should probably be embarrassed

So yesterday, my work had a product sale for employees to clean out the store room. Meaning kitchenware and dinnerware goods for low, low prices.

And I think I legit pulled a muscle in my arm shopping.

It’s partly my own fault. I’m the one who decided the only things she wanted were the two heaviest things available (silverware service for 12 and a cast iron dutch oven)(dutch oven…teehee).

Getchyo mind outa the gutter.

But the fact remains.

My name is Justine, and I have a shopping-induced injury.

White girl problems.

Bean there, done that

This morning I discovered* a Starbucks less than a mile from my office. This is a good and bad.

Bad because I now know where it is and will have to restrain myself regularly.

Good because a day started off with a grande non-fat latte and a gingerbread biscotti is the best kind of day.

Plus, I unloacked a badge for going to 15 different coffee shops on Foursquare. I’m not even going to pretend that doesn’t thrill me.

I’m not really a coffee snob. Similar to my relationship with wine, I can’t really tell the difference between the “good” stuff and the bad. All I know is if I like it or don’t like it.

Usually I’ll hit up McDonald’s for my morning fix (of coffee…not wine…I’m not an alcoholic), but their lattes definitely vear toward the bitter. Dunkin has a decent latte, but it doesn’t quite pack the punch of Starbucks. (At least in my mind.)

Honestly, I make coffee really strong, so as long as I have milk or creamer in the house, I’m just as well off making my own. However, we really need to go grocery shopping…so here we are.

Any true coffee snobs out there care to argue my analysis?

*I never really discover things.