Dare to dream

I dream big, you guys.

I have dreams. Goals. Ambitions. And they. Are. Huge.

How big, you ask? Really big. Really, really big. Case in point: My main goal for the weekend is to organize my front closet and the cabinet in the bathroom.

Whoa, whoa, WHOA, you say! Justine, slow down, you caution! This fast and loose lifestyle will catch up to you, you plead!

Well, you can take your warnings and stuff them, I reply.

Because I’m doing this. And I’ve got $40 worth of Target organizational goods that says you can’t stop me.

Don’t believe it can be done? Think I’ve taken on just a bit too much this time? Well, your skepticism ain’t gonna bring me down.

And on Monday, when I post glorious before and after photos, we’ll see who was the wise one. We’ll see who knew what was up.

And maybe we’ll all be just a little more inspired to dream.