Closets. Conquered.

Listen. I don’t want those of you who said I couldn’t do it to feel bad. It was an arduous  ordeal I was facing, and it was anyone’s game.

But the fact is: I conquered the front closet and bathroom shelves.

Here’s a quick refresher of what they looked like PRIOR to conquering:

The front closet:

The bathroom shelves:

Not so great, right? Well, then I whipped them into shape. First, the bathroom shelves:


I used two of these bins from Target to keep the unruly towels in line, then organized all the toiletries. I also FINALLY found a use for the (otherwise useless) hamper under the shelves. (Seriously, it’s too narrow to fit any actual clothes, and it would be so much more helpful to have three more shelves. Alas…) It is officially where we store toilet paper and paper towels. They fit perfectly.

Next, the front closet. This is where we keep coats, jerseys, winter wear, wrapping paper stuff, hockey gear, shoes, the iron, and a million other things. It’s sort of the catch-all because it’s the only closet we don’t use to hold clothes. Here’s the new organizational system:



It may not look ALL that different, but that’s mostly because all my photos look a little dingy. Here’s a break down of what is new.

First, I made better use of our really tall closets by adding a second shelf on the upper shelf (using a shoe rack from Target with the middle shelf taken out). I put the stuff that we rarely use on top of that, and the stuff we use more frequently underneath.

With the bulk of it up top, it left room on the floor for Joey’s skates, a couple pairs of boots, hockey sticks, and the vacuum.

My two favorite parts of the new closet system were ideas borrowed from Pinterest. (Naturally.) One was the shoe rack filled with cleaning supplies (and a few spare shoes of course). The other was storing my scarves neatly instead of shoving them in a box:

Genius right?

I even took on the hall closet and cleaned the kitchen and living room, AND finally fixed a loose hem on my black pencil skirt for good measure.

I know. I. Know.

Basically, I’m feeling much more organized in life. Also, I had a really dull weekend. But mostly more organized!

Anyone else get some cleaning out of the way this weekend?