Boring, schmoring.

My weekend was really, very dull. I mean, sure, I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done (boo-yah), but I spent at least 75 percent of it on my butt, on the couch. So lame.

I should have at least gone to the gym. Oh well, going tonight, and I’m running a 5K on Thursday, so that has to count for something.

Anywho. I used to get really stressed out when I would have a useless weekend. Part of it was that I was unhappy at my job, and if I didn’t do anything over the weekend, the two weeks would just sort of blend together in this smudge of unhappiness and stress.

Plus, when the hubster and I were just innocent little daters, the weekend was really the only time we got to see each other. So a wasted weekend was wasted time together.

To some degree, I think I still have the mindset that I have to do something or it’s like that time never happened. But in another way, I feel like I’m getting over that.

Guess I’ve just resigned myself to boring old age and death. (I’m kidding. I still do stuff, just not this past weekend.)

I should probably just be grateful for the time off. This weekend, I have plans, including a day-trip upstate on Friday. And then it’s like, DECEMBER, which just boggles my mind. And there are lots of exciting things coming in December. Just you wait.