Officially out of ideas

Uh oh, guys. I think we might be in a trouble.

Over the last few months, I feel like I have been swamped with goings-on and thangs to talk about. I mean, here’s an abbreviated list:

1. Quitting old job
2. Starting new job
3. New car
4. Projects
5. Sister’s wedding (Oops, still owe you a post about that, don’t I? Soon…promise.)
6. Half-marathon
7. Haters
8. Craftiness
9. Fake modeling
10. Narwhal madness
11. Car accidents

I mean, I did stuff. I had lots of plans.

Now…things are kind of at a lull. I mean, I have a few things this weekend and a bunch on the horizon (I’m not a total loser), but the next couple of days are a little, well, slow.

I’m going to a party…on Thursday.

My cousins are visiting again, the issue of Glamour I’m in is coming out, and I’m making big blog announcements…in December.

I’m going to Iceland…in February.

You see my dilemma.

My dad recently started a blog to chronicle some health issues my momma is going through, and when I went back to Iowa for my sister’s wedding, he brought up how he has a new appreciation for how hard it is to come up with regular topics worth posting about. Cuz, dang. It’s a challenge sometimes.

Which isn’t to say that all my posts are packed full of wisdom and insight and anecdote. We don’t need a blog troll to point out that sometimes it’s just random nonsense.

So today you get a cop-out post (but it’s packed with links to exciting posts!). Fortunately, I have a Kitchen Adventure coming at you in the next couple of days, cute party outfits, and a trip upstate on the way, and then it’s December packed with it’s awesomeness and activities.

So fear not, noble reader! I mean, I know your day hinges on the quality of my posting, so I’m working on it. Because I got you.

And let’s just hope my friends and family start saying more funny, quotable things to get us through this dry spell.