A little inspiration

Morning, lovelies!

Guess why today is wonderful? Well, two reasons.

For one, today is a half day at work! And then I have TWO days off! And then it’s the weekend! Hooray!

For another, I’m featured on another blog today! A few months back, I was looking for decorating blogs to read, and a reader left a comment that I should start following Go Haus Go! (Is that not the cutest name ever? It kind of makes me wish I was German.)(I know, I’m kind of weird.)(But the name is still cute.)

Well, the lovely author of the blog, Emily, is just a generally crafty and design-y type person, and occasionally she has a segment called OPP. (It’s not what you’re thinking.) It stands for Other People’s Places. Basically, you send her pictures of a room you would like to redo, along with inspiration photos and a bit about yourself, and then she puts together an inspiration board of pieces she thinks you can use to tie the whole look together.

I’m always in the market for new decor ideas, so I submitted my living room/dining room, and she put this together for me:

(Details here.)

Pretty neat, huh? I can definitely see myself incorporating a lot of these ideas. (Grey patterns, bold vintage vases, maps, adorbs ceramic animals, and metallic monograms? I’m on board.)

Thanks so much for your inspiration, Emily! I’ll be sure to update you will the progress. (And if you want to see more of what inspires me, definitely check out my Pinterest account. It’s basically home decor ideas and fashion, so, if you like those things, head on over.

Now that I have FINALLY sold our server on Craigslist (well, I probably shouldn’t speak so soon…they are SUPPOSED to pick it up on Sunday. I’ll keep you updated), I’m really ready to get to work on making the place look perfect. And I really will be posting a lot of updates here, so stay tuned.

Hope everyone has a lovely, safe, wonderful long weekend!