Hey there, sweet potato

Everyone enjoying their long weekend? Ya eating a lot? You wanna hear some more about food?

Well, here’s hoping you just answered with a resounding “YES!” Because I’ve got that promised Kitchen Adventure for you.

I think most people in general will agree that their favorite side dish is sweet potato souffle. The only people who disagree with that statement are either a) people who haven’t tried it yet, or b) people I don’t want to hang out with anyway.

So when one of my biffles, Heather, decided to have a Mad Men Feast, I knew exactly what I would be bringing.

This particular sweet potato souffle is a long-standing tradition in my family. My mom makes it about once every year, and it always goes fast. As the kids (there are five of us) have slowly married ourselves off, there always comes a point when we have to call Mom for the recipe.

Fortunately, it’s actually super simple to make. AND it’s a great excuse to use your standing mixer (especially if you love yours as much as mine). Here’s what ya do:


1. Mix four cups of yams (canned are fine).


2. Mix in four egg yolks (set the whites aside), 1/4 cup melted butter, 1/2 cup light cream or half and half, salt, pepper, and cinnamon. As these are mixing, whip the egg whites and fold them into the yam mixture.

Optional: We (as in, we Blanchard women) mix some mini marshmallows into the actual yams. If memory serves me correctly, my brothers and sister and I used to try to get away with just scraping the marshmallow topping off anyway, so this seemed like a good way to make sure everyone got their fill of the sweet stuff.


3. Lightly spray a casserole dish and spoon in the yam mixture. Top with mini marshmallows as desired (more is better). Then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Here is the part where I would generally share an “after” photo, but, silly me, I got distracted with the rounding up of food, drinks, and husband that I had to bring to the party and completely forgot to take one. I do have this:

What? You don’t see what I’m talking about? Maybe this will help:

See? There was a finished product on the actual table. Plus, don’t we all look cute?

I know, we’re practically the Drapers. (My hair isn’t actually short; it’s a faux bob. Just want to head off any concerns.)(Because I know that you would be terribly concerned.)(Right…)

So anyway, that’s the whole shebang. The party was a great success, and everyone left happy (and incredibly full). Looking forward to our next dinner party!