The Sideboard Situation

Sooo I’m having a major case of mixed emotions right now.

First, we actually sold the server! As in, they just picked it up and carted it away! For realz! For cash monies!

So that’s great. Now for the bad news.

All along I’ve been planning to purchase two of these servers to replace the old one (which I planned to paint grey and finish with gold drawer pulls):

When I first measured the dining room wall, it measured at 122 inches. Each server is 61 inches. Guess what that means. IT MEANS PERFECTION.

So tonight, we were just coming down from our “we actually sold the server” high (what, you don’t get those? YOU’RE weird.) and were about to make our merry way on to IKEA, when I happened to glance at the now-naked wall one more time and realized that the radiator runs along the baseboard on one side.

Hmm, I thought, I wonder if that will influence the width of available wall?

Just to be safe, we measured again, this time from floor height.

Guess what. The wall is only 118 inches once you factor in the radiator.


In case you don’t understand why this is devastating, you should know that I have been searching for MONTHS for the right server/credenza/sideboard/cabinet. (I use all those terms because those are the terms I regularly search on Craigslist trying to find a suitable piece.)(Often.)

MONTHS. And I finally found this IKEA piece, and it just so happened to be the PERFECT measurement. Except it’s not. I’m just a moron.

Anyway. It’s a major bummer. I mean, I’m still glad we sold the old one because I simply did not love it (and we made about a $100 on the sale!). But now all my wine glasses and such are on my table, and I’m still out extra storage. Which is beyond lame, amiright?

So I guess what I’m hoping is that by putting my plea out to the universe, someone will read this and be like, “DUDE. You should just buy this.”

“This” being the perfect piece of furniture that I just have not found yet. Or the piece of furniture you’re trying to sell (if you’re in the greater New York City area).

So…any help?