We got busted pipes, yo

Not going to lie, our apartment got all kinds of clean this weekend.

The living room is spotless. Even the “corner office” is looking pretty snazzy.

The bathroom? Let’s just say the husband gave the bathroom what-for on Saturday, and it’s one lit candle on the toilet tank away from being guest ready at the drop of a hat.

The bedroom? Well, guess who has two thumbs and has made it her new goal to make the bed at least five out of the seven days of the week? THIS GIRL. Plus, we got our laundry done. So…clean clothes!

Which leaves us with the dining room and kitchen.

Let me start off by saying that it’s not the dining room’s fault. He’s missing his largest component of storage, which will be remedied soon. But right now every wine, martini, shot, trifle, and hot toddy glass is sitting on the dining table, along with every liquor bottle we own, so it’s simply not going to look clean for at least a week. But I’ve got BIG PLANS, you guys. BIG.

As for the kitchen. Well. This is a bit of a sad story.

Usually my kitchen is very clean. I think it’s one of the easiest rooms to keep clean actually. Everything is hidden in cabinets and such, and once you’ve done the dishes, wiped down the stove and counters, and swiffed the floor, you’re golden.

So three days, ago I was doing dishes when I noticed that the water was not draining as fast as it should be. I don’t have a disposal, and it’s nearly impossible not to get any food bits down the drain, so it’s not all THAT bizarre that the drain should get clogged.

By the next day, things were not budging. I tried pouring boiling hot water down the drain. No go. Joey tried Drain-O. Nothing. We tried an unbent coat hanger. Nada.

So we called our landlord. It’s his job to fix these things, right? Well, turns out he just didn’t have time for us and could we just use paper plates for the next two days?


It’s a good thing Joey was on the phone because I get all KINDS of agitated when people don’t do their jobs.

So he was going to come on Monday. Not being able to stand the mess, on Sunday we tried plunging the drain.

At first it seemed like it was working. And then…well, then everything changed.

This reddish brown business started flooding up the drain, and then the pipe under the sink started leaking. ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Joey tried calling the landlord again. About .04 seconds after he said, “There’s water all over the floor,” the landlord suddenly had time and was on his way. Magic.

Basically, the diagnosis was that we have crazy old pipes. Which we knew. So once the dripping water thing was solved (because I just love using my pots and pans to catch rusty water!), the landlord promised to come fix it today. It should be repaired by the time I get home. I should say, it better be. (I’m much more threatening in print, right?)

But anyway. Then I will be able to clean the kitchen, and we will be left with only ONE messy room.

And things shall be glorious again.

Nothing wrong with a neutral

Sometimes I think the best environment for me to get something done is one that is slightly motivated by panic.

Case in point: Remember my little credenza-themed freak-out yesterday? (Also, gawd could I be any more domestic? “Credenza-themed” freak-outs? There are bigger things out there, self.)(To be fair, “freak-out” may be a bit extreme. I was mostly bummed.)

Well, I think the disappointment of the whole thing kicked my super sleuthing skills into overdrive. I was going to find the perfect sideboard/credenza/buffet, and nothing was going to stop me.

Ah the trials of the pseudo housewife.

So I took to the internets. And after only a few Craigslist searches, I actually found something promising. Behold!

I’m going to start with what is not perfect about this credenza and then follow it up with why it’s okay.

First, it’s not 118 inches. But it is 80 inches, making it about two feet longer than your standard buffet.

Second, it isn’t new. But it is mid-century modern, one of my favorite styles. And who doesn’t love a little bit of vintage in their life.

Third, it isn’t from a company that I can write a sharply worded letter to if anything is broken or dinged. But it is much cheaper than any newly purchased option. Plus, let’s not forget the vintage charm.

Fourth, I’m not sure if I can paint it grey. But it is possible that I won’t need to. And I wouldn’t mind leaving the natural wood as long as the condition isn’t too bad.

We’re going to check it out on Wednesday night, so as long as it’s not too dinged up, it will be mine.

So now that I’m switching up my grey, black, white with green accents color scheme with grey, black, white, and brown with green accents, I naturally had to hop over to Pinterest to make sure I wasn’t walking into a big ol’ mess of ugly.

I’ve always liked brown and black and brown and grey in fashion…

…so why couldn’t it work in decor? Fortunately, I found plenty of evidence that it can.

And all with white walls! Perfection.

I’ve also purchased this fabric to make into some curtains (and possible a table runner):

And I’m planning to buy a white rug from IKEA to ground the whole look (as recommended by my design-savvy blogger friend, Emily).

I might move around the wall art a bit too, but that’s all still in the works.

Stay tuned for more updates and pics (if you’re interested in that kind of thing). Big things on the way!