Changing it up

Ok, so unless you just started reading my blog (in which case, welcome! Have a look around!), you are aware that I am in the throws of redecorating.

You should know things are going well. (I know, you’ll sleep sounder tonight knowing that.)

Here are the projects on the docket:

1. Acquire the credenza. You already know the story of this one. (And if you don’t, click that link!)

2. Sew (or possibly iron seam) the dining room curtains. The fabric arrived yesterday (yay!), so now I just need a few hours to sit down and get it all figured out. I’m using some curtain ring clips (leftover from when we first moved in and didn’t realize our curtains already had a loop to slide the curtain rod through), so I won’t need to sew a loop, but I do need to get a new rod and have the hubster install all of this hardware. Team work!

3. Making the dining room light pretty. It involves this:

I know, you’re on tenterhooks.

4. Slightly adjusting the wall art in the dining room, and finding a large seaglass/vintage green vase for the credenza.

5. Adjusting the color scheme of the living room. I’m really inspired by these photos:

Which leads me to the new color scheme. I’m thinking something like this:

It looks a little too neutral at the moment, but I’m going to pump it up with lots of textures and some glitzy metallics like you see in the above pictures. I’m obsessed with yellow gold and copper, so there will be plenty of that.

At the moment things are very springy in the living room. Green and blue are the main accent colors, and I find more and more that I just don’t like blue. I like navy. But not necessarily living in it.

I want to get these pillow covers to cover over the green pillows for now:

And I bought a pillow like this one last night that is already at home on the couch (Joey may or may not have spent a portion of last night cuddling with it):

I may also need to change out the curtains in here, but I’m holding off on that for now.

Fortunately, I have a motivating force to get all of this stuff done. First, my cousins are coming to visit near the end of December. And to top it all off, we’re having a little party for all our friends the same weekend.

So once again, I’m relying on mild panic to make myself do something. Probably not very healthy. But effective!

All the decorating activities start tomorrow night. Let’s DO this.

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