And for starters…good things!

Well today is certainly shaping up to be a nice one. (And it’s only 8:30 in the morning!)

First, I’m having a decent hair day. Always a good way to start.

Next, it’s Friday, so the commute to work was as easy as it gets all week.

Third, it’s not just any Friday, it’s a JUST GOT PAID Friday! Woo hoo!

Fourth, despite being so well off financially (suuuure…let’s go with that), I still appreciate any experience where I get things for free. Even better when I win something.

And guess what?!?

Apparently the Starbucks near my work is doing some promotion for the holidays where every time their coffee timer goes off (it’s the timer that tells you it’s time to empty the big coffee pot and replace it with fresh brew…it goes off every two hours..I used to work at Starbucks), the person at the register gets their drink for free. And GUESS who happened to be there right when the timer went off?

It’s me, you guys!

I admit it was a bit startling because the barista rang this giant silver bell when it happened, but after I got over the initial shock, I made my smug way to the counter to accept my free beverage. (You know your life is on the up-and-up when all it takes to make you smug is someone handing you a free latte…lord…)

Plus, Fridays in general get me in a good mood. Plus, I’m going to hit up HomeGoods tonight, for the first time ever, and I hear it will change my life. PLUS, we get a new piece of furniture tomorrow. Plus-PLUS, I will hopefully be getting my dear Benny back soon.

All good things, people.

Hopefully everyone has as great a day as I’m having (for going on two hours now…). Any fun weekend plans?