Clear is the new clever

I was going to save this for a weekday post, but it’s such a quickie craft I think it will do nicely for a weekend post. (Heh heh…quickie…)

You know how a lot of white powders can look the same? Flour, cocaine, sugar, anthrax…all generally white and powdery, right? (And you never though I could work cocaine and anthrax into this blog. Doubters.)

It would be really great if there was a clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing way to tell them apart, wouldn’t it? (Lots of questions in this post…)


Step one: Take an assortment of ambiguous containers of white powder (or really any contents), a few chalkboard stickers, and a chalkboard crayon. (Yup, they exist.)


Step two: Affix said stickers to said containers, like so:


Step three: Clearly label containers with said chalkboard crayon. (Or, you know, regular chalk.)


(Yeah, I was kidding about the cocaine and anthrax. But I would imagine those are two things you would also not want to mix up in a recipe.)

Ta-da! The quickest little craft there ever was.