Dining in style

So if you read my post from this morning (and if not, what are you waiting for?), it’s probably pretty clear that my living room is done in terms of decor.

I should probably be a little embarrassed at how much joy fills my heart every time I look at those curtains, but sorry I’m NOT sorry. Those things were a labor of love.

Anywho, that room is looking superb. I’m sure, with enough time, I’ll come up with stuff that needs to be done (I’d like a trunk-like coffee table for more storage and a better organizational system by the desk…), but for now I am quite happy to let things be.

In that room at least.

The next project to complete before the party I mentioned is the dining room.

We STILL have not gotten the credenza for the dining room yet. Long story short, it’s now a full china cabinet and not the one pictured in that old post. But it will be a lot more storage space, and I think it will give the whole room a touch of traditional/vintage style. I’m excited. But the truck we need to pick it up broke down last week, so now we are supposed to get it Wednesday. Barring any additional disaster. (Disaster being relative. It’s not exactly a tsunami, after all.)

The point is, the dining room is next on the decor docket. And, naturally, I have BIG plans, folks.

The color palette will be similar to what I used for the living room (the rooms are connected after all). Here’s a refresher in case you missed that post:

The only difference will be adding in a few brighter greens through art and accessories. Here’s what I’m thinking:

These curtains:

The biggest thing I learned from adding the curtains in the living room is what a big impact draperies can make to warming up a room. And I can tell you know that I will never not hang curtains from the very top of the wall again. It makes the whole space look huge and softens the harshness you can sometimes get from plain white walls. (Actually, the new curtains have even changed my opinion of those plain white walls. I kind of like them now. Crazy what the right linens can do, right?)

So anyway, these dreamy coppery curtains will be a welcome addition to the bare dining room. The room is actually quite spacious, which is why our old too-small server wasn’t doing it any favors. A more prominant storage piece and bold draperies will go a long way in making it look less, you know, like a prison cell.

Next, adding color! (Because black, brown, white, and orange-y brown just ain’t cutting it in the pretty colors factor.)

I’m going to use some of the leftover fabric from the living room curtains to make a runner for the table. The light grey color will also tie in the silver curtain rod we have in this room.

To bring in the green, I want to get a large green vase (like this one recommended by Emily at Go Haus Go!) to put in the far right corner by the window. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to put in it, but I’m thinking something like these to tie in the brown of the china cabinet:

I’m also going to change up the art on the walls a bit. First, a friend is painting us something similar to what you see here (more on that later):

I’m thinking I’ll hang that on the wall facing the china cabinet. I want to put a bigger something next to it. Maybe a gold mirror like this:

Or a vintage-y map like this:

Something big. I also have a few vintage ad posters in on hand, so I’ll see if I can work in one of those too. (I’m thinking of hanging whatever posters I don’t use in the dining room in the kitchen to give that blank slate a bit of style.)(In case you were worried about the other posters feeling left out…)

Then all there will be left to do will be change the lighting a bit and add a cheap white rug from IKEA.

And THEN the room will be ready for company. Which is good because as of today I have about three weeks before said company arrives.

Anyone else find themselves pressured to finish those projects you’ve been putting off when guests are on the way?

2 thoughts on “Dining in style

  1. There’s nothing like guests coming to get my butt into decorating mode!
    So long as your not so rushed that you spend more than you want to, that’s my main problem I have a budget and know I can stick to it but if guests are coming then I’m more likely to spend over to get what I want in time.

    • So true. I’m totally the girl who can talk herself into buying $50 worth of party decor that will probably just get thrown away later. Ok, budget, budget, budget….

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