Swank it up

Aaand just because I know I have readers out there who are like, “What IS this, a DECOR blog? That is NOT what I signed up for!”, here is a post that has nothing to do with decor.

So I have a party coming up, right? And it’s a pretty darn swankified occasion. Cocktail party attire is mandatory. (You hear that, guest list? MANDATORY.)

Plus, I’m rather enamored with this sequin trend that is basically EVERYWHERE even Wal-Mart. (Don’t believe me? Check it.)

So anyway. I want sparkly. (It goes with my theme, duh.)

So I bought this:

To me, nothing says “PARTY!” quite like a sequin skirt. But just to keep things from getting too disco ball, I’m going to top it off with some kind of black, 3/4 sleeve sweater and probably throw in some black tights.

And because I plan on being the perfect host (or at least as darn close to it as I can get), I think the perfect finishing touch is this Kate Spade-inspired top knot hairstyle:

Gahhh so cute. Here’s hoping I can pull it off. I may even have to mimic those oversize necklaces too.

So spill. What’s your party look this season?