Party bloggin’ in the house tonight

So I check my blog stats fairly often. Not often enough to be considered obsessed, but often enough that I can probably give you a pretty accurate ball park of where the numbers are at any given time during the day.

On one hand, I just like little charts and graphs and seeing where everyone is coming from. On the other, it’s just nice to know that there are actually people reading this nonsense.

But even though my stat guesses are usually pretty accurate, for a while I was getting pleasantly surprised every morning at how many people had visited the night before. I would go to bed at around 2-something, and wake to well over 300.

What was the source behind this bizarre (yet pleasing) phenomenon? Today at lunch, my husband and I concluded it must be my West Coast readers.

Me: That makes sense.

Him: While we’re sleeping, they’re partying all night.

Me: Oh yeah?

Him: Yeah. Party blogging.

Me: And what exactly does party blogging look like?

And then he demonstrated (I guess pretend he’s looking at a computer screen ha):


God love that man.

So question to all you party bloggin’ West Coasters: When are you reading my blog? Is it after 11 EST?

4 thoughts on “Party bloggin’ in the house tonight

  1. Party blog is in the house tonight/Everybody just read some good lines/And we gonna make you lose your mind/We just want to see ya…Blog that.

    LMFAO Party Rock Anthem tribute to blogging. I hope you won’t judge.

    Though I am quite the partier (what, like you couldn’t tell?), it’s probably more like 11 AM EST or later…because before I can get a solid day of work in, I need to get all the Google Reader goodies, ya know?


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