Bang it out

You guys know I can’t make a major hair decision without consulting you first.

Plus, I mean, I know you love being a part of the decision, right guys? …guys? Bueller?

Anway, here’s my dilemma (to the fifteen or so people who care and are still reading…): Bangs. Yay or nay?

The fact is, I’ve had bangs for probably 85-90% of my life in some capacity. Exhibit A:

I know, I look like an elf. I was a petite child. (And seriously, why could my hair have not just stayed that color?)

But see? Rocking the bangs despite being alive for less than three years.

I could go through a whole montage of me with bangs over the years, but I was a late bloomer, so that’s just way too many awkward years for me to relive this morning. Just trust me, I’ve almost always had them.

I had bangs at my wedding:

But after that event, I kind of “decided” to grow them out. I use quotes there because it wasn’t like, an active decision. I just didn’t keep up with cutting them. As of right now, my bangs are about as grown-out as they’ve been since I was 12. (Sorry, no photo. That’s smack-dab at the start of the awkwardness.)

But I kind of miss them! Mostly when I see pretty photos of girls with bangs on blogs and Pinterest. (Natch.)

I like bangs because they make you look like you have a hairstyle even if the only maintained part of your hair is the front bit. Plus, very rarely do I pull all my hair back off my face, and I think a bit of fringe frames everything nicely. Plus, you get to look like this:

(Ignore the weird face…focus on the bangs.)

Cons: Sometimes my forehead gets greasy and then my bangs get greasy and then I look gross. Plus, when I DO want to pull all my hair back, it requires a lot more bobby pins. Plus, you get to look like this:

Well…ok, maybe I don’t look exactly like any of those photos no matter what. But you get the point.

So you see my dilemma. (Or you’ve stopped reading.)

Can I get some input from girls on both sides of the fringe debate?

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26 thoughts on “Bang it out

  1. 1 pm on Saturday and I am bangin’ it! I let mine grow and its fun but I need an automatic wrinkle cover up to the forehead.

  2. you look good with bangs! my opinion is based on whether or not they are as easy to take care of as your hair is without bangs…

    • Hmm good call. I would say there is a bit more maintenance involved in bangs. But as long as I keep my hair grown out to below my shoulders, the rest of it takes less maintenance. So…it all evens out?

  3. Whose the 4th model?!?! “Hey you know how much an elephant weighs? Enough to break the ice (giggle)…I’m sam by the way”

  4. Ugh, I am so in this same predicament. And I’m so with you on enjoying how bangs frame your face but also accentuate greasiness. If I stop waffling and go back to bangs, I will definitely be using dry shampoo — bang. lifesaver.

  5. If I had to name the thing I complain about the most, it’s easily my bangs (MattAttack would agree with me here). But I also love them. Why don’t you go halfway and just do a few side swept bangs? There’s very little commitment, and if you like them, you can consider going a little shorter next time so you can fake real bangs if you want?

    Also, I use a teasing comb on mine. I know it sounds weird, but it keeps them elevated off my forehead just a tiny little bit so they don’t get greasy. It really works!

  6. I’ve been having the same internal dilemma for about 3 years now, still no decision has been made. I like both styles equally making it impossible to decide! Sorry I am of ZERO help!

  7. I’m seconding what Susan said. I have the full bangs, and it’s a commitment. Do wisp-y side swept first because you get all the pros, minus the cons. Win-win. Then you can ease back in if it works.

  8. I never could make up my mind with this. It’s probably why I just chopped all of my hair off. Now I have tiny cute hairs that I just get to sweep across the top of my forehead and call it a day.

    One of the major factors in my indecision was my glasses. I know you don’t wear yours a lot, but it’s important to take into account. Glasses tend to frame the face so glasses + bangs can be a lot. Do you wear your glasses around the house often? Is this even an issue for you? Will you ever just chop all of your hair off? (Please don’t. If I had hair like yours, I would have more than 1 inch of hair.)

    • Haha well thank you! I hardly ever wear my glasses, even at home, so I don’t think that will affect me too much. And I probably will never chop all my hair off. (My jawline can look kind of wide from certain angles, and bigger hair seems to soften that.)(Plus I just kind of like big hair ha.) Though super short hair does tend to sound easier…

  9. Wow! Thank you! I constantly needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I include a portion of your post to my site?

  10. Yey for bangs, or fringe as we brits call it 🙂 I’m getting mine done tomorrow helpfully. I have the same greasy forehead problem. I’ve heared baby powder brushed into the hair works, one girl even suggested bronzer.

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