A little light augmentation

All right. I’m going to tell you something that will disappoint some of you. (Mostly Erin.)

I’m not going to show you pictures of the whole dining room today.

I know. I. KNOW. (See, I told you it was mostly Erin.)

The thing is…my phone camera is pretty bad. We knew this. We have all known this, but we have kindly turned a blind eye and smiled sympathetically while murmuring platitudes like, “Oh well, at least we can at least see what it kind of looks like!”

Well, NO MORE.

Ok, that’s probably not entirely true. There will still probably be a lot of phone camera photos in you’re future. Because, let’s face it, I’m one billion times more likely to be carrying my phone than my camera these days.

But the thing is, the phone camera really does not do the room justice. In person, it’s warm and cozy and vintagey/traditional. On the camera, it’s dark and cave-like. Which is exactly the look I was trying to get away from in the first place.


Fortunately for you all, I have a real camera somewhere at home. Tonight, I will find it and have some real photos for you. But as of this morning, I don’t have full photos.

What do I have? The usurping of the boob light.

What, pray tell, is a boob light? Observe.

I’m pretty sure just about everyone has had a light like this in their life at some point. That’s not my actual boob light. By the time I get home, it’s dark out, and the only way you can see in the dining room is if I turn on the boob light. But my camera phone does not take good pictures of turned on lights. Ergo, I found this picture on Google. But it looks exactly like my old boob like. (Old boob…heh heh…)

Wanna know what I googled to find that light? “Ugly ceiling light.” Wish I was kidding.

So anyway. I don’t feel comfortable with people flashing their bosoms, so why would I make an exception for my dining room ceiling?

I had considered just covering it with a shade, a la this crafty project from everyone’s favorite homeowners, John and Sherry of Young House Love. (WHAT? You’re interested in home decor and DON’T read their blog? Get OVER there, man.)

So when I went to IKEA to pick up the rug for the dining room (which looks amazing, by the way…but I’m still not showing it to you yet), I perused the lampshades.

I found one option that would work, but I just wasn’t excited about it. Then I saw this:

Ok, that? THAT I could work with.

My primary concern was that it is obviously supposed to be a pendant light. But a quick look-see told me that it functioned basically the same as a lamp shade, so I could probably still attach it the way I had been planning to attach said lamp shade.

So I took it home. (Fully intending to return it if it didn’t work out. I don’t just go around tossing $30 out my car window, thank you very much.)

At home, I opened the box. I’m not sure what I was expecting (the box was about the size of a box of sliced ham you get at the deli), but for some reason I was absurdly surprised that I had to put the thing together myself. (I obviously need to work on my spatial reasoning.)


Fortunately, it didn’t take too long. (Nor was it at all difficult. I tend to react too quickly to things.)

Once all the little petals were snapped into place, I unscrewed the glass bowl of the boob light. This left me with the metal rod and finial that had formerly held the glass bowl in place. I simple slid the rod into my new lamp “shade,” screwed the finial into place, and stepped back to admire this.


Note: I removed the top layer of petals. They were pressing against the light bulbs, and I was nervous about mixing heat and plastic (although the lamp’s box said it was safe with our wattage of bulbs). It made me nervous, and I think it looks just as good without the top petals.

I think it looks pretty great in the space. It gives the whole room a bit of a ’70s vibe, but in a good way. Plus, everything is better without a boob light.

For the record, I am aware that this would be so much easier to just explain with a photo of the whole room. But I’m sticking to my guns on this one! YOU WILL SEE THE WHOLE ROOM TOMORROW.

It’s actually better that I’m waiting to show you the whole shebang. I need to hang some stuff on the walls, and right now the room looks a bit bare without those things.


So…see you guys tomorrow?

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