The Perfect Host

You feel that? Feels a little different, right? That’s because this is my first post as a self-hosted blogger.

Anyone else get a little chill? Just me? Ok, moving on.

There is one annoying detail…if you were subscribed to my blog before, you will need to resubscribe. I know, I think it’s beyond lame.

BUT. It would be beyond COOL of you to do so. Because I like my subscribers. Like, LIKE-like. Like, I want to hold your hand sometimes. But I’m nervous. Because this is all happening so fast. And you look really pretty. And-an…I LOVE YOU.

But seriously. Lurrrve.

(And if you’ve never subscribed, now’s your chance!)

Making my move

Hey everybody!

Ok, so BIG news. (In my world…) My blog is officially self-hosted!

Well, technically not this blog. Look at your browser URL. Does it say If so, you are on the old non-hosted blog. Womp womp.

All you need to do? Go to

Ooh, so fresh and so clean! Right? It would also be a good idea to update your Google readers to the new (sexier) URL.

EDIT: A reader pointed out that when you put the new URL in Google reader, it converts it to the old URL. BAD GOOGLE READER! You can use this link instead: (Sometimes I think technology hates me.)

Once you get to the new site (there will be a post there to welcome you so you know you’ve gone to the right place), you’ll officially be on the hosted version.

Exciting, right?

The only non-exciting part: If you’re subscribed to this blog, you’ll need to resubscribe to the new, hosted blog. I know, it’s beyond lame and I hate it. But the process is exactly the same, so it’s not a scary change. And the hosted blog looks exactly the same as this blog, so you don’t even have to mentally adjust!

Have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments, and I’ll get right back to you. (Oh, that reminds me, if you’ve made comments since I made the switch, they won’t appear on the new site. Also lame and also something I hate. Fortunately, the switch only happened about a half hour ago, so there are only a few getting lost. Feel free to repost!)

Divine Dining

Not going to lie, I almost didn’t take these pictures last night.

Actually, as long as we’re being honest, I didn’t take these pictures last night. I took them this morning. Because when I finally unearthed my camera, the battery was dead. So I had to charge it overnight.

The point is, I took them. And they’re still not fantastic, but they’re better than they would have been.

I hope you’re happy. (Erin.)

So anyway, let’s begin, shaallll we?

First, the before shots:



Kind of depressing, right? Can you believe we’ve lived here for 8 months? To be fair, the dining room hasn’t looked like this for 8 months. But for the last 2-3, it’s been rather dismal.

Here are the new digs:

Much warmer, right? Let’s break it down. (You know you just sang that line to yourself.)

First, the curtains. Don’t you just love when something is meant to be? I don’t actually believe in fate, but I do believe that sometimes things just work out in exactly the best way possible.

And that’s just magical.

Take, for instance, my new dining room curtains. Ain’t they somethin’?

I had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond with the intention of buying some coppery curtains. I had shopped around their site (not to mention, ya know, been there on multiple occasions), so I was pretty certain I would find something to my liking. I was always pretty certain it would cost me at least $20 per panel.

I had made peace with that. Curtains were a necessary investment, and if I was going to buy them, I was going to buy ones I liked. (In this case, it turned out that purchasing curtains was cheaper than purchasing the fabric for curtains, unlike my gorgeous living room drapes. You have seen those, right?)

So anyway, I headed off to BBB (mailer coupon in hand) to meet my (curtain) destiny.

After quickly perusing the options, I found a couple I liked. One, however, was $50 per panel. Um, hi. No. You are a curtain made of polyester, not shimmering gold. Get outa here.

The other options was nice, about $30 per panel. Okaaaay. I mean, I do have the coupon.

And then…well, then something glorious happened.

I chanced upon the clearance rack. And tucked in between a few dingy brown and weird green floral options, I saw it. The perfect coppery shade, at the right length, priced at $9.99. AND they had two of them.

Jack to the pot.

After a quick purchase (WITH the 20% off coupon) home they came. I quickly swapped them in for the stand-in curtains we’ve been using, and suddenly the room took on a cozy, coppery deliciousness.

Like I said: magic.

Next, I made that pretty little table runner. You might recognize the fabric from my other curtains. Because it’s the same thing. Cohesion: It’s a beautiful thing.

The bowl centerpiece usually sits on the living room table, but I moved it in here for a bit of texture and to start bringing in the green.

The room’s biggest issue at the moment is that it’s still a little bare. My main plan of attack for amending this issue? This wall:

As you can see, I’ve already selected one thing to hang (just haven’t gotten around to it yet…this weekend, OK?). I also will be hanging a greenish-gold painting a friend is making for us, along with this:

Except my version is in an olive green color. It’s perfect, right? (For those of you who don’t know, the G&T is my drink. In a big way.)(Oh geez, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like gin.)(This got weird.)

Like this poster? GET YOUR OWN!

Oh, I almost forgot! The rug! It’s this one from IKEA:

Super cheap for a rug, but it still adds a cozy, soft texture to the room, which it definitely needed. (Reddish brown curtains, reddish brown china cabinet, and reddish brown floors is just too much.)

I’m also still planning to get a big green glass vase for one of the back corners, probably from HomeGoods (since I’m such a huge fan of that store now). I’ll keep you posted.

So there you have it. Never let it be said I’m not a woman of my word.