Divine Dining

Not going to lie, I almost didn’t take these pictures last night.

Actually, as long as we’re being honest, I didn’t take these pictures last night. I took them this morning. Because when I finally unearthed my camera, the battery was dead. So I had to charge it overnight.

The point is, I took them. And they’re still not fantastic, but they’re better than they would have been.

I hope you’re happy. (Erin.)

So anyway, let’s begin, shaallll we?

First, the before shots:



Kind of depressing, right? Can you believe we’ve lived here for 8 months? To be fair, the dining room hasn’t looked like this for 8 months. But for the last 2-3, it’s been rather dismal.

Here are the new digs:

Much warmer, right? Let’s break it down. (You know you just sang that line to yourself.)

First, the curtains. Don’t you just love when something is meant to be? I don’t actually believe in fate, but I do believe that sometimes things just work out in exactly the best way possible.

And that’s just magical.

Take, for instance, my new dining room curtains. Ain’t they somethin’?

I had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond with the intention of buying some coppery curtains. I had shopped around their site (not to mention, ya know, been there on multiple occasions), so I was pretty certain I would find something to my liking. I was always pretty certain it would cost me at least $20 per panel.

I had made peace with that. Curtains were a necessary investment, and if I was going to buy them, I was going to buy ones I liked. (In this case, it turned out that purchasing curtains was cheaper than purchasing the fabric for curtains, unlike my gorgeous living room drapes. You have seen those, right?)

So anyway, I headed off to BBB (mailer coupon in hand) to meet my (curtain) destiny.

After quickly perusing the options, I found a couple I liked. One, however, was $50 per panel. Um, hi. No. You are a curtain made of polyester, not shimmering gold. Get outa here.

The other options was nice, about $30 per panel. Okaaaay. I mean, I do have the coupon.

And then…well, then something glorious happened.

I chanced upon the clearance rack. And tucked in between a few dingy brown and weird green floral options, I saw it. The perfect coppery shade, at the right length, priced at $9.99. AND they had two of them.

Jack to the pot.

After a quick purchase (WITH the 20% off coupon) home they came. I quickly swapped them in for the stand-in curtains we’ve been using, and suddenly the room took on a cozy, coppery deliciousness.

Like I said: magic.

Next, I made that pretty little table runner. You might recognize the fabric from my other curtains. Because it’s the same thing. Cohesion: It’s a beautiful thing.

The bowl centerpiece usually sits on the living room table, but I moved it in here for a bit of texture and to start bringing in the green.

The room’s biggest issue at the moment is that it’s still a little bare. My main plan of attack for amending this issue? This wall:

As you can see, I’ve already selected one thing to hang (just haven’t gotten around to it yet…this weekend, OK?). I also will be hanging a greenish-gold painting a friend is making for us, along with this:

Except my version is in an olive green color. It’s perfect, right? (For those of you who don’t know, the G&T is my drink. In a big way.)(Oh geez, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like gin.)(This got weird.)

Like this poster? GET YOUR OWN!

Oh, I almost forgot! The rug! It’s this one from IKEA:

Super cheap for a rug, but it still adds a cozy, soft texture to the room, which it definitely needed. (Reddish brown curtains, reddish brown china cabinet, and reddish brown floors is just too much.)

I’m also still planning to get a big green glass vase for one of the back corners, probably from HomeGoods (since I’m such a huge fan of that store now). I’ll keep you posted.

So there you have it. Never let it be said I’m not a woman of my word.

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  1. Love all of the changes you’ve made. The drapes look great in both rooms. What a deal on the dining room curtains!!! You have learned well! Keep the pictures coming.

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