My friend Sam says that I inspire awkward moments. I’m not sure how to take that.

I mean, yes, awkward things happen to me. I am often awkward. But that happens to everyone…right?

Quick, tell me something awkward that happened to you recently so I don’t start feeling awkward about how awkward I am! (Yup, that was an awkward sentence…)

3 thoughts on “Errr….

  1. My awkward moment occurred just before Thanksgiving. I was trudging up the main set of stairs to meet with a student when I managed to fall. Not only did I fall up the stairs, but I threw my clipboard, timer, and pencil up in the air in order to catch myself. It seemed to be the loudest fall ever! A student was walking downstairs and paused at the bottom looking up at me and seemed unsure of what to do next. He manged to ask if I was OK, but at that point I was laughing at myself and scooping up my belongings. I retained a humongous bruise for 2-3 weeks and watched it change from purple to blue to green to yellow.

    I also run into walls and doorframes on the regular.

  2. Someone once told me that if I were a man I would be ugly. I still don’t understand what that means. Awkward.

  3. I was on a date last month and we went out to a pizza place in Evanston near where I work. There was a low lying fence, about two feet high, and I didn’t see it and ran my shins, knees and lower thigh, right into it. The girl told me that she saw me walking towards it but didn’t say anything because she assumed I would hop over it.

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