Blogger Exchange Post!

Guess what! My blogger exchange package arrived!


Dusty really went all out. First, she had two lovely cards (one thanking me for the gifts I sent her, and the other to explain her gifts).


Next, there were candies made in Nashville and cute cookie cutters. (Total disclosure, I may have torn straight into one of those candies. Not going to lie: Amazing.)


There was also a snuggly scarf made by one of Dusty’s friends who used to live in Long Island and a delicious-smelling candle. (Ignore the fact that I have no makeup on. I had just run a 5K and my day had not officially begun yet.)


Pretty awesome, right? Thank you SO much, Dusty, your gifts totally made my day! Hopefully you like yours too!

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7 thoughts on “Blogger Exchange Post!

  1. Isn’t she purty in that beautiful scarf? Thank you Justine. I loved all my goodies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart all the way up!

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