Room to breathe

I’ve come to the conclusion that if the hubs and I had one more room in our apartment, my quality of life would increase exponentially.

Yup, it’s another “let’s see how petty Justine can get” post! (Your favorite, I know.)

Let me preface this all with, yes, I know, tangible, material things are not responsible for my happiness. But let me just explain.

I’m running out of places to tuck things away.

Every time I go on a cleaning frenzy (this happens a lot more often now that I’m an “official” grown-up…my mother is very proud somewhere)(I don’t know I said somewhere; I know where she is)(moving on), I always get to a point where I’m staring at a box of extra DVDs or hockey equipment or papers or a box of picture frames or extra blankets or whatever and I just have no where to put them.

So you know what happens? They get tucked into the empty space on the far side of the bed next to the wall where no one will see them except me every time I get in and out of bed or go to put on clean underwear.

And you know who gets punished by this arrangement? Me. But in my eternal struggle to be a good pseudo-housewife, this option is infinitely better than leaving them in the living room or (newly updated!) dining room where anyone who walks in the door will be subjected to them. Ergo, our bedroom has become our extra room.

You know what I fantasize about? (Yup, things are about to get real, folks.) An office. With a GIANT closet.

Obviously I’m not referring to the “corner office.” Because that is literally a corner. And it’s not that organized. And it’s kind of an eyesore.

I mean, a legit office. With a pull-out couch so guests can actually have their own room. And a big desk for a computer. And a crafting area. And a fully functional filing system. Something like one of these:

Click all Pinterest images for details

Don’t you just feel more relaxed looking at those?

(Want to join in on my office fantasies? Check out my Study Hall board on Pinterest!)

As for the closet, I’m talking serious storage area. A place to put extra kitchen stuff, and even to store hockey and musical equipment. (Side effects of marrying a jock/musician: lots of equipment.) And all perfectly organized, like this:

(You know I also have a board dedicated to perfect closets. Check it out here.)

Plus it would be really cool if the hubs could bring all his guitars into our home, and if I had an office, I would hang them on a wall. Plus, if I had that bookshelf wall pictured above, I could do something prettying with the shelves that are currently in our living room. (Side effect of marrying a nerdy wife: loads and loads of books.)

And the biggest bonus of all? A way less cluttered bedroom.


As I’ve mentioned before, we’re planning to stay in the current apartment for another year after our lease is up, so my extra room dreams just have to sit tight for a while.

But I’ve got plans, y’all. BIG plans.

8 thoughts on “Room to breathe

    • Oooh butler’s pantries are the BOMB. My mom has one, and when I visit, sometimes I just admire it for a while. That would definitely make my life easier too!

      (Thanks for commenting!)

  1. We started off in 3 bedroom apartment and there wasn’t enough room. Then we moved into our house and finally enough room, but not enough closets, check out the kitchen upstairs I considerate a giant floor closet, I have plans of turning it into a mega pantry one day soon. *sigh* I will need your organizational eye. #ikearuns

  2. that sewing nook with the peg board is pretty sexy. i think all your office area needs are some built in shelves ! my husband and i are shelf-obsessed. they make everything more attractive … and more organized ! 🙂

    • There’s nothing I like more than a sexy peg board.

      Also, I’m totally shame spiraling at my desk that I was the commenter you called out on ESB. Promise not to do it again! It does make me feel a little better that we can bond over built-ins.

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