Shelve that idea

I recently read a blog post about shelving arrangements. (What, you didn’t know that was an art form? Get with it. I’ve known it was an art form since…well, basically since I read that post.)

But all jokes aside, you have to admit that there’s a definite difference between well styled shelves and poorly styled shelves.

For example, I think you could definitely call what I first threw up on my new floating shelves “poorly styled”:

I mean, it wouldn’t kill me to look at that every day, but it also wouldn’t inspire me. (Though it does still thrill me to walk into the apartment every day and not see the clustercuss of disaster that used to live in the corner of our living room.)

The main issue is that I’m not really a designer. I rarely look at something and just see what it can be. I’m more one of those people who has to mess around for a while, moving things this way and that, and then – lo and behold! – one day it’s like, “Yup. That is it. That is it right there.”

It’s one of the main reasons I like Pinterest. I can let more talented people do all the hemming and hawing and just take what I like from each inspirational photo.

Speaking of which, I of course turned to Pinterest for some shelving inspiration. Here are a few of the photos that caught my eye (click the images for details):

So what have we learned from the pictures I selected? I like texture and 3-D elements. And I really like the look of the frames leaning against the wall. A lot.

But I wasn’t really looking to spend a ton of cash on this little endeavor (especially since I still have to grocery shop for the party!). Which lead to getting a little crafty.

First, I checked out Etsy for some more inspiration. I was really drawn prints with over-sized typography and maps:

Which lead me to make this:

A nice homage to the place where the hubs and I fell in love, married, and first lived together. Check back tomorrow for the details of how I made it.

And see that smaller frame to the left? Well, I wanted to add a second frame to layer over the bigger print. I remembered reading this post on Young House Love (told you I loved those guys), and decided to make a frame with the lyrics of our wedding song, Hold You in My Arms by Ray LaMontagne. Voila!

Then I started doing my usual shifting, shuffling thing until the shelves started looking like something I would want to show off on my blog. Until they looked something like this:

Β You might recognize some of those pieces, but here’s a quick breakdown of why they’re all meaningful:

Plus, you know, some of my favorite books. Because I’m me. So there you have it!

I’m pretty happy with the final result. Plus, we can actually use our desk (I wrote this post while sitting at it!). Go figure.

I had this goal of taking a blogging hiatus while I’m off work, but seeing as how I already have several posts written for the next few days, I think I can manage to keep things updated without actually using any vacation time to write.

Speaking of which, see you tomorrow for a how-to on making my DIY posters, and later in the week for a final room update. And if you’re not too busy, don’t forget to check back on Saturday for a BIG blog announcement! (You’re on tenterhooks, I know.)

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    • Oh my gosh, I could totally make them for you if you want! Shoot me an email if you’re interested and we can work something out πŸ™‚

  1. I like the concept of shelves, I just tend to over clutter. Shelves aren’t decoration in my house. I’d love to do something like that though, guess I better put up some shelves.

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