How to: DIY Art Print

Ok, so when we last left our hero, she was about to explain how she created the two DIY art pieces on her new floating shelves above the desk. Let’s tune in, shaaallll we?

And that’s about all the third-person talk I can handle in a single post. Anyways.

So as I mentioned, I was really drawn to prints with big, bold typography and maps. I love to incorporate really personal details into our home. I mean, it’s our home — shouldn’t it look like it? Plus, it’s nice to know we have a little something that you won’t find in anyone else’s apartment, ya know?

First, I found a big graphic of New York state on Google images.

That’ll do. Then I took it to Photoshop and filled it in with an olive-y green color. Next, I added the wording underneath. (Tip: I made each word it’s own text box so I could manipulate them to being the same width and roughly the same height.) Finally, I added a little clip art heart.

Which left me with this:

I liked it, but I really wanted the yellow-y parts to be a shiny gold. I thought about cutting out the yellow and layering the print over a piece of gold foil, but I didn’t find anything at the craft store that was the right metallic. Plus, I know myself, and I know I’m way too impatient to cut that carefully.

What I am good at? Coloring inside the lines. (My kindergarten teacher is thrilled somewhere.) So I bought a metallic gold permanent marker and simply drew over all the yellow parts.

Here’s the finished product:

Then all I had to do was pop it into a vintage frame I picked up at Goodwill ages ago. I had actually been about to throw it out because I didn’t have anything the right size for it, but my little print fit perfectly.

The lyric art was even easier. I simply copy/pasted our song’s lyrics into a word document, formatted it to be a 4-inch justified rectangle, switched it into Courier font, and then cut the printed document to fit in a 4×6 frame that I had lying around.

So there you have it! Two custom prints for under $4. (I had to buy the gold pen.)

Want your own customized map print? Send me an email and we just might be able to work something out 😉

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