Got stacks on deck like he saving up

Does anyone else have a random running list in their head of things they’d like to buy when their financial situation would make it not a crazy thing to do?

Or is that just me?

Anyway, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s on my wish list currently.

1. Iceland-worthy boots
I’ve had a cautious crush on Sorel boots for a while now. I used to talk myself out of it because they were pretty industrial-looking, but lately they’ve upped the style in the most attractive way. Case in point: The Cate the Great boots.

Gush. And so WARM. And good for icy scenery. Like, say, if you were hiking a glacier. Just saying.

2. Some kind of puffer jacket
This is another search inspired by Iceland. And, you know, my hatred of the cold. I haven’t landed on which one I want yet, but I like this J. Crew version because it’s not too puffy but still looks super warm.

And also this sleek version from Helly Hansen:

3. Pretty plates
Ok, stay with me on this one. It has nothing to do with Iceland, but a lot to do with how much I like pretty things. I am totally obsessed with this dinnerware. Plus, I get 40% off from my job. But it’s still an investment, so I’m trying to hold off until at least next year.


Phew, just had to get that out of my system.

And really, that’s it. I mean, sure, I could make lists of things that I wouldn’t be mad if I owned (see also, my I Would Wear That board on Pinterest), but in general, I’m pretty happy these days.

We’re both reasonably healthy (these lingering cold symptoms and Joey’s still-as-of-today-unexplained migraine aside)(OK, maybe we’re not that healthy…bring on the vitamins), our marriage is better than ever, we have good friends, we live in a really great apartment, we both have good jobs — I mean really, God has been pretty good to us.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy, stress-free weekend (I’m saying this to myself too…don’t stress, self!). I’ll post tomorrow for the blog-iversary (remember, big announcement!), but other than that, you won’t hear from me until Tuesday.

See you then!

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