Party Notes

This is a pretty slow week for just about everybody. Let’s face it, we’re all just trying to soak up as much vacation time as possible. Or, if you’re me, you’re just living for the upcoming Monday off work.

So I probably won’t be throwing too many deep posts at you. (Or really, too many posts. Girl needs a break from blogging.)

For today, I’m just going to share a couple pictures from the cocktail party. Enjoy!

First, the decor. (Plus, isn’t my cousin cute?)(Also, I think this is the only picture ever taken that really shows how big our dining room is. I mean, it’s not a dining hall or anything, but it’s pretty big for the apartment.) As I mentioned, the theme of the party was pretty much sparkly stuff and candles.  I know, it’s a really catchy theme. Rolls of the tongue.

But the point is, it’s pretty and makes for a pretty festive atmosphere. It’s actually hard to capture in pictures, but just trust me that things were glowy and pretty. (Say pretty again.)

My apartment actually looks its best in dim lighting. In dim lighting, it feels cozy and warm, and you can’t see the perpetual film of dust on the dark furniture (seriously, it spawns) or the dingy yellowish-white color of the walls. Which is why I will probably only ever host evening parties.

So anyway, I hung sparkly tinsel and distributed copious candles.

Action shot my cousin captured of me lighting candles on the shelves.

Next, the food. Everyone was commissioned with bringing the ingredients for their favorite drink (or just an exciting drink to share) and some kind of food, whether it be dessert or an appetizer. Here’s what I put out before guests arrived.

It was basically my goal to make throwing the party as un-stressful as possible, so I took it easy on snacks and just worked on the presentation. Gourmet brownies (an end-of-the-year gift from my boss) cut into small pieces, a veggies and dips display (presentation inspired by this), and an Oreo layer cake (inspired by this).

Side note: If you ever want to go all out with one of those Oreo cakes, you will seriously need at least ten packages. My cake was four, and it was only two tiers high with about 3 layers of cookies per tier. Just sayin’.

Plus, my drink of choice was a champagne punch (1 bottle champagne + 2-ish cups orange juice + 3-ish cups ginger ale…add ice), which I probably should have made more of because it went pretty fast. Live and learn. Fortunately, there were plenty of other options to keep everyone satisfied.

Of course, the true tone of the party is set by the guests. Specifically, what they wear. Fortunately, my friends are always down for an excuse to swank it up, and they didn’t disappoint:

That isn’t everyone, but there were a few latecomers who didn’t make the group photos. (They looked nice too!) It was pretty fun to look around the room and see all the sparkles.

So there you have it! The night was spent snacking, drinking, chatting, and showing our wedding video. (It was requested…I swear.)

Thank you to my lovely cousins for their photography skills (and fancy camera having-ness). It was SO nice seeing you!

I think this is a good photo of us. (Ha.)

Til next year, you stay classy, folks.