Save it up

You guys. I’m going on a fast.

No, not that kind of fast. I’m going on a spending fast.

The hubs and I are pretty fortunate in that we’re comfortable financially. Two full-time jobs and no kidlets will do that for you. However, my biggest financial downfall is that I haven’t really had a savings account since I depleted it my first six months living in New York City. (Working for literal beans while living in the most expensive city will do that for you.)

It’s not even like I spend money like it’s going out of style. I hardly ever go shopping (maybe once every month or two, with the occasional Target trip sprinkled here and there). But the fact is that I know I’m spending money I don’t need to spend.

For example, I used to bring my lunch to work every day. When I started making a real person salary, I let myself go out on Fridays. But since starting the new job, I think I’ve brought my lunch maybe twice.

Lunch out isn’t expensive when you look at it on an daily basis, but lawdy folks, when you total up a month’s worth of lunches, it adds up mighty quick. Plus, I’ve been going out for coffee or tea way too much. It has to stop.

So the new rule is that Friday is the only day I’m allowed to eat lunch I didn’t pack for myself. (And for all of January, I’m bringing lunch every day.) And I’ve stocked up on chai teabags in one of my drawers at work, so that will solve THAT dilemma.

Additionally, I’m not making any unnecessary purchases at least until Iceland. (Necessary purchases include gas, groceries, and paying bills.) The only exception I’m thinking about allowing myself is to get my Iceland boots because I do genuinely need snow boots, and I’m worried if I wait until February to order they won’t arrive in time. AND I AM NOT PAYING FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING BECAUSE THAT WOULD NEGATE THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF SAVING.

All of these leads up to my bigger, year-long goal of paying off all of my credit card debt. I don’t have a lot, but the bit I do have still nags at me. The only thing I plan on having left by this summer is my car payment.

So while I might have to be a total fun-suck for the next few months (in that I won’t be making dinner plans out on the town) this time next year, I will be (mostly) debt-free AND have a sizable savings account.

To me, that seems like a fair trade.