My mind on my money

Spending fast = not fun.

I’ve already found two handbags, three skirts, five dresses, and two pairs of shoes I want. (That’s not even counting the boots and black pumps I actually need.)

I hate my inner materialist.

To be fair, I probably wouldn’t have bought most of that anyway, even if I wasn’t on the fast. The feelings just get a little more vivid when you know you can’t have something.

I’m being really good, though! I’ve brought my lunch every day since I wrote that post (oh, three days ago). AND we’ve eaten dinner in every night. AND the only things I’ve spent money on are groceries and gas for my car, which were both on the list of “necessary purchases for life to continue to function.”

So…I may not have a new pair of shoes, but I can pat myself on the back. Woo. Hoo.

Seriously though, I do feel good about sticking with this. Whenever I get tempted, I just run through the list of things I really want to do with the money. Like pay off my credit card debt and buy boots. A noble goal and a practical (ok, maybe a tiny bit selfish) one.

I also find it’s helpful to focus on my other life goal, getting a puppy.

The hubs and I have pretty much narrowed down our puppy choices to a beagle. They make pretty good apartment dogs, are easy to crate train, and I saw this video, which I literally CANNOT watch without actually weeping. (Don’t believe me? Just try. I DARE YOU.)

In all seriousness, there has never been a more motivational piece of film. I don’t just want to rescue a beagle. I need to.

Plus, searching online for adoptable beagle puppies in the tri-state area is surprisingly stress relieving.

This little guy was the winner today. His name is LUEY. How freaking cute is that?


We’ve decided to get a dog in about a year (grumph), so by this time next year, I plan to not only be debt-free, but also living out my wildest dreams. (Which, yes, are to have a pup. I dream big.)

Anyone else wanna share their “I will NOT spend money” motivation? It can’t hurt my cause.