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Oh, almost forgot to tell you! I received a lovely little shout-out yesterday from Apparently I’m not the only one driven batty by Pinterest on occasion.

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New goals and dinners

Remember how last year I made the laziest resolutions in the whole wide world? (Side note: Accomplished ALL of them. Sup.)

I know I already shared my goals for 2012, but I’ve decided to also keep a running list of additional goals as I accomplish them. Because sometimes you just don’t have the foresight to know what you have in you.

So, for my first official Goals I Want To/DID Accomplish (or GIWT/DA…catchy):

1. Use my crock pot more often


2. Cook new things

Case in point: Last night’s dinner.

I saw a tempting looking photo on Pinterest and, after reading through the recipe linked to the picture, decided it was something I could handle.

Pretty much all you do is open a bunch of cans, pour them into the crock pot, add spices (or, in my case, a packet of taco meat seasoning), add chicken, and let it sit for 8-10 hours. Easy-peasy.

You can find the full recipe here. The only thing I would change if I made it again would be to skip the extra water. I don’t know if it’s because I use a low-sodium chicken broth, but the extra moisture really made the whole thing a bit, well, watery. (It helps if you add a bunch of crunchy chips — my favorite is the lime-flavored Tostino’s version.)

The best part was walking into a house that smelled like chicken soup and ladeling out dinner within minutes of getting home. Easy dinner, no peanut butter and jelly required.

PLUS I can cross two things off of my goals list. Win-win. I can’t wait to see what my next goal will be.