The girl I was

I read a lot of blogs. Every day. But today, well, today, this one resonated:

When I think back to that time I can’t help but to steal away for a moment and sink deep into those memories. That girl was wild. She was foolish and brave and loud and eager. She made mistakes that break my heart to this day. She made other decisions that still make me proud. She took risks without a second thought that today would make me vomit on my shoes. Sometimes I’d like to go back, grab her by the shoulders and beg her to stop for a minute and just talk to me. She and I, we still have a lot in common but with every passing Thursday I realize how far apart we’ve grown.

One step closer

By the way, I just told one of my credit cards to eff off.

I mean…I paid it the eff off?

I mean…

One of my credit cards is paid OFF, y’all!!

I mean, sure, it was the one with the much lower balance, but it also had the higher interest rate…so basically…I’m awesome.

Doing the happy financial dance this morning 🙂 Think I’ll celebrate with some new boots! (I know, I make ZERO sense.)

Lesson learned: Sometimes you have to treat yo’ self 🙂

The early bird gets the wormhole…or something

I’m beginning to think it’s impossible for me to be late.

(Side note: I have an eerie feeling I’ve started a post like that before…ugh, after three years, it’s so hard to be original.)(I searched in my blog and couldn’t find that sentence. So maybe not?)(Still feeling uneasy…)

Anyway. Earlier this week, I made the decision to stop getting to work so early. Not that I planned on being late by any means, but I don’t really have to get there 45 minutes early. I’m not going to go into my reasons for doing that because I’ve already explained it, but the fact is, it’s not a crucial part of my life.

So this week, my goal was to get to work…exactly on time.

All together now: GASP!!!

I know, you guys. I. Know.

So I set my alarm a full twenty minutes later than I normally do. And guess what?

I got to work only about fifteen minutes later than I usually do. And that’s after stopping for coffee.

It makes NO sense. I’m 90% sure I’m jumping through a wormhole on my way to work.

(Side note, numero deux: Does anyone else watch the Cash Cab? Don’t lie, you know you do. Last night, Joey and I watched, like, three episodes in a row, and one of the questions was describing a wormhole, and I got it right. …that’s the whole story. Yikes.)

But on the upside, apparently really successful people tend to be early risers. I feel like that has to bode well for me.

Lesson learned: I may be a freak, but so is the CEO of Apple.

In other news, the longest week ever is finally coming to a close. (What, no one else felt like this week just dragged? I’m dying over here.) Hope you folks have a great weekend!

Quick business note (NOT a side note…too many of those already): I’m busy scheduling all of my upcoming blog giveaways for 2012. I already have the next two months booked, but if you run an Etsy shop or any other business that you would like to promote here through a giveaway, email me at justine.lorelle [at] for more information. I’d love to work with you! This now ends this business note.