The girl I was

I read a lot of blogs. Every day. But today, well, today, this one resonated:

When I think back to that time I can’t help but to steal away for a moment and sink deep into those memories. That girl was wild. She was foolish and brave and loud and eager. She made mistakes that break my heart to this day. She made other decisions that still make me proud. She took risks without a second thought that today would make me vomit on my shoes. Sometimes I’d like to go back, grab her by the shoulders and beg her to stop for a minute and just talk to me. She and I, we still have a lot in common but with every passing Thursday I realize how far apart we’ve grown.

One thought on “The girl I was

  1. Loved this. Sometimes I think back to our summer of being roomies, and I think “yeesh why did our parents ever let their 20/1-year-old daughters move to Manhattan alone?”

    On that same note, I think I’m now to a place where I will think twice before taking a shot of Bacardi out of a measuring cup.

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