Wack Wednesday

Wednesdays are officially my roughest posting day.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my Tuesday:

1. Wake up around 7/7:15
2. Get to work around 8:15
3. Leave work at 5.
4. Get home around 5:30/6
5. Scramble to throw something together for dinner by 6:30
6. Eat dinner/do dishes/surface clean the living room and kitchen/get ready for meeting until we leave at 7
7. Meet up with our friend Sam for dinner at 9:30
8. Home by 11:15
9. Crash into bed.

See what didn’t happen in there? Anything worth blogging about. (Oh-ho! The irony.)

So even though I did make something new for dinner (even though we didn’t end up eating it last night…it’s our lunch today), I have zero photographic evidence. Or any input as to how it tastes. I’ll let you know.

I do have one photo for you….THE BOOTS ARRIVED!!!!!!

I seriously cannot overplay the gloriousness of these boots. I put them on, and the elements just seem to disappear. (At least for my shin-toe region.) They are perfect for Iceland. And really anything. I may start wearing them to weddings. (I’m kidding.)(OR AM I???)

Anyway, you’ll just have to sit tight until tomorrow when I can come up with something more amazing to regale you with. Until then, don’t forget to enter our FIRSTEVERSUPERAWESOMEI’MEXCITEDIFYOUCOULDN’TTELL giveaway from Much Love, illy.

The giveaway entry widget turned out to be kind of awkward (probably won’t use it next time), but your entry counts if you leave a comment or if you use the widget to leave a comment. (The only perk to using the widget is then it opens up all the options to get other entries.) And don’t forget, if you’re already subscribed, already follow me on Twitter, or already a fan on Facebook, you can still check off that entry option.

Just don’t try to play me by SAYING you did something when you didn’t. I’m a journalist. I WILL fact check.

But anyway. It’s super easy to enter, and the prize is pretty darn cute. (If you’re engaged, just THINK of the flower girl possibilities.)(Or you possibilities…lord knows I would wear that stuff.) You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to get your entries in.

I feel like this is where I would insert a hump day joke, but we all know I’m wrinkling my nose and murmuring “gross” to myself from even thinking about making a hump day joke. Oh me.

Lesson learned: Wednesdays are not my best days.