My Weekend and a Giveaway Winner!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my weekend.

1. The boots had their inaugural stroll on the first snowy day on the Island. And let me tell you. They lived up to the hype.

2. The same day, I went into the city to see two people. (It was really cold and made me not miss standing on that platform all the more.

3. My first appointment of the day was brunch with my new friend Berna. She had actually found me through this here blog and wanted to chat about some things (the first meeting of its kind for me), but we also found out beforehand that we have several mutual friends. (Don’t worry, parents, I’m not meeting total randos just because they like my blog.)

4. My second appointment was to meet up with Erin for a quick perusal of Forever 21, followed up with coffee, soup, and cookies. It was lovely, per usual.

5. That night, our friend’s dad’s band was playing at a semi-nearby bar, so we went to watch. It. Was. Adorable. Plus, they actually rocked, so good times were had all around. (They play The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and it’s awesome. If you don’t like that song…I have nothing more to say to you.)

6. I recently joined the BlogHer Book Club, and the first book I’m going to review is The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, so I read that this weekend as well. Naturally, I have plenty of thoughts, but I (and the other reviewers) won’t be sharing them until February 8th. Stay tuned!

In other news, we have a giveaway winner! And it is…Melanie S.! Ilene of Much Love, illy will be contacting you soon about your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations, Melanie!

Anyone else have fun weekend plans to share? Seems only fitting for a Monday morning.