Booked up.

It’s amazing how the older you get, the quicker your years get filled up. I mean, it’s January 24th. Doesn’t that seem a little early to have virtually every big event until November mapped out already?

And yet, here we are.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what my life has in store:

I go to Iceland in 24 days. (In. Sane.)(Also, SO excited.)

In April, it’s out 1-year anniversary (again, in. Sane.) and I’m going to Chicago for the lovely Annie’s bachelorette party. (Again, SO excited.)

In May, our friends Bryan and Brittany are getting married. (They’re from Long Island, though, so fortunately that won’t involve plane tickets.)

The summer is still a little up in the air, but we want to visit my family in Colorado at some point. So that’s just hanging in there somewhere.

September, Annie’s wedding.

And all of a sudden it’s autumn and the year is practically over.

Remember when you would be ready to end the school year in June or whatever, and you would just roll your eyes if anyone even mentioned making plans for fall? I mean, fall was like a lifetime away back then. Now I feel like it’s right around the corner.

Anyone else feeling booked up already?

2 thoughts on “Booked up.

  1. I love that two of these events involve me seeing you! Also, add to summer: 1) Visiting Susan and Matt in DC and 2) Susan and Matt come to NYC!

  2. Yes, absolutely! And I don’t like it! I have to schedule “down time” so that I’m not running around like a crazy person.

    I am beyond excited you are going to Iceland. Please take lots and lots of pictures!

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