My new best friend

I have been having the WORST chocolate cravings lately. Specifically chocolate chip cookies.

(Before you can even think it, no, I’m not pregnant. Just…me.)

This is a problem for multiple reasons.

1. As much as I love chocolate and will champion the argument that it’s fine to eat every day in moderation, the crux of that argument is “in moderation.” Meaning I shouldn’t eat it after (or for) every meal no matter how badly my brain is saying, “NOMNOMNOM.”

2. I don’t really keep a lot of sweets in the house. So if I want a chocolatey baked good, I have to either buy it or make it.

3. If I make chocolatey baked goods, I will have to eat the whole thing myself. Because the hubs doesn’t like chocolate. (I KNOW, right??) And as much as I would LIKE to eat an entire package of Pillsbury Break-and-Bake cookies by myself…well…just see #1 again.

Which brings us full circle.

And is ALSO why this idea on Pinterest caught my eye and has been tempting me all morning:

BROWNIE IN A MUG. The full recipe is here on Babble.

It seems almost too good to be true, right? Rich, brownie goodness in minutes? In a single-serve portion? IT CAN’T BE DONE.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t fully intend to try it. Has anyone attempted anything similar? Was it awesome? Or awful?

Booked up.

It’s amazing how the older you get, the quicker your years get filled up. I mean, it’s January 24th. Doesn’t that seem a little early to have virtually every big event until November mapped out already?

And yet, here we are.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what my life has in store:

I go to Iceland in 24 days. (In. Sane.)(Also, SO excited.)

In April, it’s out 1-year anniversary (again, in. Sane.) and I’m going to Chicago for the lovely Annie’s bachelorette party. (Again, SO excited.)

In May, our friends Bryan and Brittany are getting married. (They’re from Long Island, though, so fortunately that won’t involve plane tickets.)

The summer is still a little up in the air, but we want to visit my family in Colorado at some point. So that’s just hanging in there somewhere.

September, Annie’s wedding.

And all of a sudden it’s autumn and the year is practically over.

Remember when you would be ready to end the school year in June or whatever, and you would just roll your eyes if anyone even mentioned making plans for fall? I mean, fall was like a lifetime away back then. Now I feel like it’s right around the corner.

Anyone else feeling booked up already?

My Weekend and a Giveaway Winner!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my weekend.

1. The boots had their inaugural stroll on the first snowy day on the Island. And let me tell you. They lived up to the hype.

2. The same day, I went into the city to see two people. (It was really cold and made me not miss standing on that platform all the more.

3. My first appointment of the day was brunch with my new friend Berna. She had actually found me through this here blog and wanted to chat about some things (the first meeting of its kind for me), but we also found out beforehand that we have several mutual friends. (Don’t worry, parents, I’m not meeting total randos just because they like my blog.)

4. My second appointment was to meet up with Erin for a quick perusal of Forever 21, followed up with coffee, soup, and cookies. It was lovely, per usual.

5. That night, our friend’s dad’s band was playing at a semi-nearby bar, so we went to watch. It. Was. Adorable. Plus, they actually rocked, so good times were had all around. (They play The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and it’s awesome. If you don’t like that song…I have nothing more to say to you.)

6. I recently joined the BlogHer Book Club, and the first book I’m going to review is The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, so I read that this weekend as well. Naturally, I have plenty of thoughts, but I (and the other reviewers) won’t be sharing them until February 8th. Stay tuned!

In other news, we have a giveaway winner! And it is…Melanie S.! Ilene of Much Love, illy will be contacting you soon about your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations, Melanie!

Anyone else have fun weekend plans to share? Seems only fitting for a Monday morning.

Wack Wednesday

Wednesdays are officially my roughest posting day.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my Tuesday:

1. Wake up around 7/7:15
2. Get to work around 8:15
3. Leave work at 5.
4. Get home around 5:30/6
5. Scramble to throw something together for dinner by 6:30
6. Eat dinner/do dishes/surface clean the living room and kitchen/get ready for meeting until we leave at 7
7. Meet up with our friend Sam for dinner at 9:30
8. Home by 11:15
9. Crash into bed.

See what didn’t happen in there? Anything worth blogging about. (Oh-ho! The irony.)

So even though I did make something new for dinner (even though we didn’t end up eating it last night…it’s our lunch today), I have zero photographic evidence. Or any input as to how it tastes. I’ll let you know.

I do have one photo for you….THE BOOTS ARRIVED!!!!!!

I seriously cannot overplay the gloriousness of these boots. I put them on, and the elements just seem to disappear. (At least for my shin-toe region.) They are perfect for Iceland. And really anything. I may start wearing them to weddings. (I’m kidding.)(OR AM I???)

Anyway, you’ll just have to sit tight until tomorrow when I can come up with something more amazing to regale you with. Until then, don’t forget to enter our FIRSTEVERSUPERAWESOMEI’MEXCITEDIFYOUCOULDN’TTELL giveaway from Much Love, illy.

The giveaway entry widget turned out to be kind of awkward (probably won’t use it next time), but your entry counts if you leave a comment or if you use the widget to leave a comment. (The only perk to using the widget is then it opens up all the options to get other entries.) And don’t forget, if you’re already subscribed, already follow me on Twitter, or already a fan on Facebook, you can still check off that entry option.

Just don’t try to play me by SAYING you did something when you didn’t. I’m a journalist. I WILL fact check.

But anyway. It’s super easy to enter, and the prize is pretty darn cute. (If you’re engaged, just THINK of the flower girl possibilities.)(Or you possibilities…lord knows I would wear that stuff.) You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to get your entries in.

I feel like this is where I would insert a hump day joke, but we all know I’m wrinkling my nose and murmuring “gross” to myself from even thinking about making a hump day joke. Oh me.

Lesson learned: Wednesdays are not my best days.

On growing up

ill write them up a non disclosure agreement and email it to them
be like – sign this fools – love annie

do it

do it
(oh how our “do it” chant has become much more lame)

so true

2005 edition – do it – kiss that boy
2012 edition – do it – write that contract

oh man
this will be the moment we think of when people ask, “When did you know you were an adult?”
When the “do it” chant required legal action.


Giveaway! Much Love, Illy

I don’t know about you, but I’m of the belief that the accessories make the outfit.

I mean sure, you can still look stylish with a super-simple ensemble, but you never really get described as “perfectly put-together” without properly placed accessories.

Which is, of course, part of what initially attracted me to much love, illy. Ilene is super upbeat and a whiz at whipping together an eye-catching outfit, and I love reading her cheerful posts every day. After I learned that she also runs an Etsy shop packed with adorable accessories, I immediately wanted her to be one of my inaugural sponsors.

All of Illy’s items are lovingly handmade and adorably packaged — it’s basically like receiving a present when it arrives!


Illy sent me the City Girl’s Holiday Poppy Corsage, and I have to say, I’m pretty smitten with it.

I have this tendency to fall back on plain black T-shirts and sweaters when I don’t have anything to dress up for, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with the look, it is undeniably a little dull. Um, hello, perfect solution!

Obviously I’ve fallen head over heels. My corsage and I are planning to run away together as soon as we figure out the logistics of a woman/accessory ceremony.

Like my pretty pin? Well, you’re in LUCK, because Illy is offering my readers the chance to win a $25 credit to her shop! That’s right, our first EVER giveaway here on Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One. It’s a big day for all of us.

Want to enter? Here’s what to do:

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Giveaway is open to ALL Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One readers through Sunday, January 22nd. Winner will be announced on Monday, January 23rd.

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The Top 10 Lessons We Learn from Lifetime Movies

So while Erin was here this weekend, we didn’t just eat cheesecake. We also watched about five hours of Lifetime movies.


And can I just say, WOW. WOW, Lifetime. Because times sure have changed since the days where the worst thing that could happen to you was getting raped.

Let me give you a quick breakdown of the Top 10 Lessons we learned from Lifetime:

1. If you sext, you will end up getting bullied to the point of killing yourself.

2. If you sext, you will give your mom’s frenemy the ammo she needs to destroy you. (Because, yes, she has been harboring homicidal jealousy toward you ever since you beat her daughter out of that scholarship to Price. Whore.)

3. If you forward a sext you found on your daughter’s friend’s phone, your daughter will get in a car accident while texting. That’s called justice.

4. If you start hanging out with a crowd of pretty party girls who drink underage, you will accidentally become a prostitute.

5. If you accidentally become a prostitute, you will not be able to get out of it because if you do, your pimp will kill your parents.

6. If you join a pregnancy pact, it will get leaked to the media.

7. If you don’t join a pregnancy pact, but a bunch of your friends get pregnant at the same time, the story that you joined a pregnancy pact will get leaked to the media.

8. Joining a pregnancy pact is not the way to lock down your high school boyfriend forever.

9. If you don’t make time to talk to your daughter about the birds and the bees, your daughter will join a pregnancy pact.

10. The best way to end bullying is by getting your friends to give up their cell phones for a month. Because no one bullies on the computer anymore. Or on paper. Or in person.

Aside from that, the plots of these movies has just gotten out of control. I mean, they’ve always been extreme. (If it’s been a while for you, I suggest viewing this hilarious SNL clip for an idea of the kinds of stories you’re missing out on.)

I mean, we are literally talking worst case scenario now. But more like, WORST. CASE. SCENARIO. And the worst part is that almost all of them are now (at least loosely) “based on a true story.” So after a couple hours, you’re pretty much convinced that everyone is terrible and plotting to destroy you (or your offspring) one way or another.

Here’s the lesson I’m going to choose to take away: If the hubs and I ever have a baby, I will consider us great successes as parents if we just manage to pop out a kid who is kind to other people. Pretty much all of these plots could have been avoided with a little kindness.

And, you know, by not entering an alleged pregnancy pact.

The lesson learned is pretty much implied here, right?