Less money, mo’ problems.

Ugh. Spending fasts are no fun.

I mean, I have zero problem bringing my lunch every day. Sure, there are days when I literally hate my turkey sandwich, but the days when I actually think ahead and have leftovers or make a rather tasty wrap, those days I don’t mind not paying for lunch at all.

The only time it’s really a pain is when I come across something that I really want and will use all the time, but isn’t technically crucial for life. Like the J. Crew pants I wrote about here. I would wear those all the time. I mean, I work in a corporate setting. And the office is cold 99 percent of the time. I would wear the crap out of those chic wool pants. But, alas, they have to wait until at least after Iceland to be mine. (But they will be mine. Just you wait…pants.)

Here’s a breakdown of everything I plan on spending money on before Iceland:

1. Rent (due today)
2. Car payment (on the 10th)
3. Haircut (on Saturday)
4. At least two “going out” outfits for Iceland (Apparently the nightlife is crazy fun and I’m the girl who once went to a club in a cardigan…obviously I need to buy something. But I’m waiting until at least the 11th to make that purchase, and I’m going to, like, Forever 21, so it won’t be too devastating a cost.)(Don’t you love how I obviously feel compelled to justify all my purchases to you guys? I’m pathetic.)

Oh, I also need to pay for a bridesmaid dress (I’ll send you the check next weekend, Annie, I promise!!) and a hotel room for the bachelorette party (but that will be split between at least five girls or so, so I’m less concerned about that one).

But after all of that, THEN those pants will be mine. And a pair of black pumps. Because I’ve been in need of those for over a year. (Anyone have a pair to recommend?)

Ugh. Obviously I’m disgusting in that my greatest concerns are shopping-related. I’m going to go in the bathroom and stare at myself disapprovingly in the mirror for a while, if that helps.

But the point is, I’m excited for summer. Because so far I have no big purchases I need to make. (Well, except that I want to visit my family in Colorado…and I need to buy two plane tickets to Indiana…oh, forget it, I’m going to be poor forever.)

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  1. This is really exciting! I don’t think you’ve considered what happens day to day, but I still think you make a lot of sense.

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