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Real pants, real issues

Ok, listen. I am well aware that, in general, a person should put on real clothes before venturing out into the real world. I agree with you. I do. In general.

I mean, it’s just kind of sad seeing a fully grown person waltzing around Target in their pajama bottoms, and you just assume an adult man walking around in sweatpants and an over-sized shirt is either homeless or hungover, right?

So we’re all clear? That I do think, for the most part, that being in public requires putting at least a moderate amount of effort into your appearance? In the very least, the effort it requires to put on real pants? Ok, glad that’s cleared up.

Because now we’re going to discuss the exception.

I’ve realized that I have very little problem waltzing around in the public sphere in workout clothes (and here’s the qualifier) AS LONG AS I’ve actually been working out just prior or plan to right after I finish the errand I’m running in said public sphere.

I used to feel this twinge of, “Hmm…I wonder if I should be wearing pants that aren’t 60 percent spandex while I’m doing ____,” but now I just consider it a badge of honor. I actually worked out, so I’ll wear stretch pants to the grocery store if I darn well please.

Of course, like anything, this attitude has to be expressed in moderation. After all, there’s a fine, fine line between being prepared and waltzing around in sweats just because, who knows, you might accidentally do a lunge later. But in general, I find that just putting on my workout clothes goes a long way in making sure I actually go to the gym.

Because then if I don’t, I’m just the girl in stretch pants all day. And I don’t think I’m ready for that title yet.

What about you? Does wearing athletic shoes make it more likely that you’ll do something athletic that day? Or does it just mean you’re going to be sportily dressed for lounging?