Things I couldn’t flesh out into full posts.

– The hubs and I went to the mall last weekend, where we scored some sweet deals (sup) and I saw at least three girls wearing belly-baring tops.

Sort of like this, but with a good 3-4 inches of belly showing:

Is this a thing? Does it have to be a thing? Am I just getting old in that it bothers me that it’s a thing? I pointed it out to Joey and whined something like, “Seriously? Weren’t baby tees like an early ’90s thing? Why is this happening? It’s not even like they have perfectly flat bellies. This should not be happening for so many reasons.”

His response was one of the best fashion critique/analyses I have ever heard:

“Hmm…maybe everyone saw, like, Beyonce with a baby bump, so they wanted to show off a bump too.”

– Can we just talk about something that really intimidates me? Reupholstering furniture.

True life: I think about home decor way too much.

But seriously, can you even wrap your MIND around that one? You have a chair. You have fabric. You presumbably have a staple gun. Now go.


Know why? Because that business is complicated. And this is coming from a girl who reads a LOT of decor blogs. And about 8 out of 10 of them have re-upholstered something at some point. The problem is that you usually get a picture montage like this:

Ugly chair:


They start taking the fabric off:


Then, ba-BAM! New chair!


And I’m left standing there all, “Wai-wha…? You…the fabric was ripped and…so you…huh.”

Which means every time I’m at a thrift store and see a chair with great lines but bad fabric, I always walk away bitterly thinking, “If [insert name of your favorite decor blogger] was here, s/he would totally have rocked that chair.”

– Have I told you how obsessed I am with Because really, I am OB-sessed.

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And so ends my impromptu pitch for (But seriously. It will change your life.)(Ok, now I’m done.)

4 thoughts on “Things I couldn’t flesh out into full posts.

  1. I love how sparratic the thoughts are because that’s how I think in normal life. And why did I not know about ebates before?!

  2. I wish that reupholstering wasn’t a thing. So I could just go buy the $800 dollar chair because I would be like, “what!? It is my only option. That thrift store chair with the great bones but horrible fabric won’t work in my space because it’s pink! and it isn’t like I could do something crazy like TAKE OFF THE FABRIC! So I’m just going to buy this pretty new chair and not feel at all bad for spending $800 bucks on it.”

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