My new friend Sofiie

It should surprise no one that I like giving my opinion on things.

In fact, that’s a quality that I notice in most of the people I choose as friends. (You already knew I don’t trust people without some kind of opinion.)

Honestly, I think especially with how easy it is to express your opinion nowadays (what with status updates, tweeting, blogging, etc.), it’s a little surprising that there are still so many companies and commercials out there that seem to have zero idea what women (and, well, anyone) really want.

Which is why I’m so excited to be a newly minted affiliate of

Sofiie is an online network that acts as a liaison between women consumers and the companies looking to reach them. Here’s how it works:

Companies want to know what women want. (Hey, it’s the age-old question, right?) Rather than just blindly guessing, affiliates of Sofiie can post questions on the site to get answers and engage discussions. The mission of Sofiie is to “understand women’s decision-making processes and fuel the growth of brands through sharing opinions, forming insights and improving experiences.”

The best part? They want to give you fabulous prizes — just for sharing your opinion! Every question you answer enters you in a weekly drawing for gift certificates and prize packages from places like Target, Starbucks, and Aveda. (It’s like they know what we like, right?) It’s seriously that simple — answer questions; get entered to win prizes. Boom.

And if I can get serious with you for a second, the prizes are great, but the truly awesome part about this idea is that it actually gives you a voice. And who doesn’t want that? (Yeah, ok, and the prizes are still pretty cool.)

Interested in signing up? Click here to register.

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