My favorite cold remedies.

I really hardly ever get sick. I just sifted through my archives, and the last time I came down with something (bad enough to be blogged about) was January of 2011. The time before that? October of 2010.

That’ll do, immune system. That’ll do.

So I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about the fact that my nasal region has turned into a cesspool of mucus production in the last couple of days.

But guess what? I’m going to complain. And you want to know why?


Fortunately, a side effect to having a fairly robust immune system is that I’m generally not sick for very long. And I have enough vitamins coursing through my system to give even the toughest bacteria a run for its money, so here’s hoping the next three days are packed with good health.

My “get better” concoction consists of a B-complex and D vitamin daily, along with at least two Emergen-C (knock-off) packets and 3-4 Zycam (zinc) meltaways every day. Like I said, lots o’ vitamins.

Plus I slept about 12-13 hours Thursday night (stayed home from work on Friday), and about 10 hours on both Friday and Saturday nights. My body has no excuses for not beating this thing.


In almost every other way, though, I’m very ready to go. I just need to pick up some boot socks today and pack on Wednesday. That’s it! Obviously, I’m super excited.

So if you need me, I’ll just be sitting here thinking healthy thoughts.

Anyone else have any cold-busting remedies to share?

9 thoughts on “My favorite cold remedies.

  1. I’ve never seen someone tackle a cold quite like you—seriously, you are my motivation to rush out and buy Vitamin C/zinc/medicated tissues the minute the sniffles start.

    This might sound crazy, but my allergies have been acting up since we’ve had such a mild winter. Maybe Zyrtec or something would help?

    You’ll be better by Thursday! I’ll send positive vibes your way. 🙂

    • Allergies could definitely be playing a part because my eyes have been affected lately too, but I’ve been taking Claritin D for the last week. So who knows. My body is a mystery.

  2. I have a two weeker. Went to the doctor Saturday and he made recommendations for nose sprays, over the counter and prescription, Mucilex (which despite the funny commercials ain’t doin’ it for me), and an antibiotice that I promised not to use unless it hung on which promise I broke this morning. And sinus headaches. Oh, and have a great time!

  3. I got sick this weekend (right after having another cold) and was so upset about it, since we are headed to Salt Lake City for a skiing this weekend. Anyway, I finally broke down and bought a NetiPot (which I was totally freaked out about) because I was suffering from a stuffed nose and sore throat. If you have any sinus-related symptoms, I would highly recommend it. Within two days I started to feel so much better!

    • I cannot tell you how many times I have ALMOST bought a NetiPot, and then backed out. You may have convinced me.

  4. Before my bachelorette party in Vegas I was feeling like I might get sick. So I took more Emergen C than recommended. Fast forward to me throwing up blood and I’m PRETTY sure the Emergen C weakened my stomach lining. Or it might have been the tequila. But I’m pretty sure it was a combo of Emergen C and tequila.

    I like Pho when I’m feeling a little sick. Wonderful healing broth. So good.

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