On hiding the evidence

Susan: Well, I guess today we’re discussing whether or not you can hide the murder weapon

Me: Can you?

Susan: Oh, no you shouldn’t take the gun.

Me: I should hide it?

Susan: I mean, you should. But I can’t tell you how to hide it.

Me: Oh, ok.

Susan: And I can’t hide it for you.

Me: Fair enough.

Susan: BUT. If you hide the gun and tell me where you hid it, I can go find it and wipe it down. As long as i tell law enforcement where I found it.

Me: Bahaha. I love the laws of our country.

Aaaaand THAT’S why I love having best friends in law school.

4 thoughts on “On hiding the evidence

  1. HAHA. I promise to re-hide the gun just as well as you originally hid it. Wow this could be a damning convo in our futures if one of us goes crazy.

  2. While I have the utmost faith in the Susan&Annie law firm, please please please never bring me a murder weapon. And as we discussed earlier, when in doubt: Flush it.

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