Guest Post: Espresso and Cream

The hardest part about taking a vacation is definitely adjustng to real life when you get back. Joey and I spent yesterday pretty much doing nothing. Watching TV, napping, eating ravioli and cookies — for some reason we were way too shot to do anything else. Not that I’m complaining.

But it does mean I don’t have anything to post about. (Besides, anything I could think up would probably be pretty boring compared to adventures around the world.)

Fortunately, I do have another guest post to share! Through Twitter and blogging, I’ve made friends with a girl named Madison Mayberry (cutest name ever, right?) who lives in Des Moines. She writes a cooking blog called Espresso and Cream where she shares her original recipes and occassional posts about life. (Remember? I got my kale chip recipe from her?)

Anyway, she’s basically adorable and brilliant in the kitchen, and she made a New Year’s resolution this year to cut “fat talk” out of her life. You know what Fat Talk is. Fat Talk is what happens every time a girl looks in the mirror and instantly sees everything that is “wrong” with her body, and then proceeds to voice the issues out loud. Not fun.

Madison’s resolution has sparked a movement, and she reached out to her readers to share their stories of how they’ve cut Fat Talk out of their own lives. Since she had read my post about my own journey to weight happiness here, she was happy to let me contribute.

So without further ado, here is my No Fat Talk Tuesday post.

After you read it, be sure to click around Madison’s site and show her some love!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some real life to re-adjust to.