Frames and Fabric

Remember when I told you that I was probably lying about not getting started on projects this month? Well, yesterday I decided to embark on actually accomplishing some of my lofty DIY goals. Which is why, coupons in hand, I made my merry way to Jo-Ann’s Fabric.

Where I promptly discovered that the store near me didn’t have any patterns similar to what I want for pillows. Womp.

BUT. The trip was not an altogether failure. Because for the first time, I ventured away from the fabric half of the store into the home decor half of the store.

I live dangerously.

And yes, I really have never been to that half. I usually make a beeline for whatever I want because I know that if I expose myself to home decor, I’ll end up taking home things I don’t need on top of the things I do just because they’re pretty. But once it was clear I wouldn’t be taking any fabric home, I gave myself permission to peruse.

And, you guys. DID YOU KNOW THE OTHER HALF OF JO-ANN’S IS ALSO A CRAFT STORE? (Probably. You probably did.)

Well, it is. It’s basically a mini Michael’s over there. In fact, they even have a section with picture frames. Including shadow boxes. (You probably also know where I’m going with this.)

I bought THREE of them. The perfect amount, oh say, for a project to preserve a few honeymoon memories from three cities.

And guess what? They were already cheaper than the version I had been eyeing at Michaels, AND they were 40% off. Um, hi. You’re coming with me and getting filled with memories.

So it’s my goal this weekend to get these puppies started. (And also to make a few thrift store runs to look for a desk/vanity/table, stool and some lamps.)

After coming up empty-handed fabric-wise, I turned to my other favorite online outlet, Etsy.

Honestly, Etsy just makes my life easier. Want an awesome piece of art? Done. Need a personalized accessory or jewelry for a gift? Boom — there ya go. Have your eye on bold, graphic fabric and only need a yard? You’re welcome.

Here’s what I bought:

Sources: tangerine fabric, seafoam fabric, black and white fabric

You may notice that some grey patterned fabric is suspiciously missing. That’s because I realized I could easily take the fabric I used to make this table runner (leftover from these curtains) and turn it into a pillow, easy-peasy. I never actually cut and sewed the runner (it’s just ironed into place…I know, I’m sneaky), and I’ll come up with something else for a runner.

That only leaves the Scrabble pillow. I have the black felt leftover from a long-ago craft, but I need to get some burlap. I’m sort of hoping I can find an old taupe-y colored dress or something at Goodwill to convert. I’ll keep you posted. (Obviously.)

Anyway, I’m just excited to have some crafts on the docket and to just get this thing STARTED. You know I’m not good at sitting on ideas for long.

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  1. It may be too late for this comment. But I have a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond. I think you were looking at a duvet cover from there. Let me know if you need it.

    • I have one too. Still haven’t purchased the comforter yet, though. Trying to spread out the spending ha. Thanks, though!

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