I’m on Team Becca

Hey again!

You guys know my friend Becca?

(She’s the cute one in pink.)

Well, one thing you might not know about her is that she has Type I diabetes. And because she is basically my hero, she’s also one of the most motivated people I know when it comes to finding a cure for that disease.

Which is why every year, she organizes Team Becca to walk in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes walk in Des Moines. When I lived there, my family and I would always physically participate in the walk.

Here’s proof (for the record, I think we are what you would categorize as “late bloomers”…just scroll back up and look at that photo!):

Now, unfortunately, the commute to the walk is a bit to far to swing for me now. But that’s why I was so excited when Becca emailed me to see if I wouldn’t mind posting a link (and a shiny new badge in the right-hand column!) to her team so anyone who wanted to could contribute.

Um, yes. I would be honored to do that for you, Becca!

If you would like to contribute, click here for details, and then click here to donate to Team Becca. It doesn’t have to be a lot, and you can choose your donation amount. (Every little bit helps!)

Thank you to anyone who does find it in their heart to donate. Becca is one of my dearest friends, and it breaks my heart that she has to go through so many physical difficulties. A girl should be able to just eat a damn cupcake without worrying about it hurting anything besides her waistline! I can’t wait for the day when she doesn’t have to worry about things like that anymore.

And who knows? Your generous donation might take us one step closer to that day.