What a waste.

I have a sort of shameful confession: Sometimes I forget to use the Groupons, Amazon Local deals, and Living Social deals I buy.

Don’t LOOK at me!!!

Okay. I know this isn’t the most shameful thing I could have confessed. There are loads of people who do this. You get excited when you see a deal for a massage and chiropractic evaluation (for only $40!!!) because, I mean, haven’t you been having weird back issues ever since you tried to convince your then-fiance you were stronger than him by picking him up, except you lifted with your back instead of your knees and tweaked something in your spine and things sort of got better over time but were never really the same and sometimes just getting up from the supine position is a lot harder and more painful than simply getting up from lying down ever should be when you’re not even 25 yet?

Or maybe that’s just me.

But anyway, the point is, you get all jazzed about a good deal, snap it up, and promptly forget about it for the next six months. And then, six months later, when you’re watching the deadline toward expiration slowly tick down, the money that you invested so long ago just suddenly stops feeling as important. I mean, you haven’t had the money for six months. What do you care if you got something for it or just donated it to the internet?

Well, I say this stops today. Because I do care, folks. I don’t think I will ever be so rich that I won’t care about just throwing money away.

Which is why today I made a few appointments. And I am going to be looking goooood come April. (Though I still need to figure out how to use that chiropractic evaluation since the office is in the city and I’m hardly ever there anymore. D’oh.)

Does anyone else ever find themselves as spontaneous internet philanthropists? (Sounds a lot fancier than “chumps who throw their money at impulse spa treatments and then never collect.”) Have any strategies for making sure you don’t forget to use your Groupons? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “What a waste.

  1. I’ve been terrible about using the Groupons and Living Social deals I’ve bought… lately I’ve almost stopped buying them completely. It hurts to look back and see how much money I’ve wasted. 😦

  2. HOW COULD YOU!?? lol jk jk .. it’s hard to pass up those “good deals”! I buy them, and stick the receipt in my calendar a few months down the road so when I come across it it’s a total surprise..kinda like it’s my birthday all over again!

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