Featured On: The Everygirl!

I know, I know, I’ve posted like a billion times today. I promise it won’t happen again (well, I’ll try anyway), but I have exciting news!

About a week ago, The Everygirl (“the newest online resource helping shape the creative, career-driven woman to experience her life better lived”) sent out a call for submissions from their readers for a piece they were doing on the best spring flats for under $100.

It just so happened that I had been crushing on these little beauties, so I figured, what the heck, and submitted them.

And guess what. Out of over 100 submissions, I was one of the 18 they picked!

See the full article (packed with all kinds of spring flat goodness) here. (Plus, be sure to keep tabs on TheEverygirl.com for advice on just about everything.)

Ok, I promise, that’s all from me today.