Bite-Size Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. Such an ambitious topic, isn’t it?

On one hand, I love the idea of one big, deep cleaning. I love the idea of getting into all those little nooks and crannies where normally you just stuff the junk and never look back and finally straightening the out for once. I love the idea of everything being sparklingly, perfectly clean. (Even if it’s only for a week or two.) And with a full-time work schedule (along with a bunch of other time commitments throughout the week), it’s nice to know that I can have one giant junk purge to get me back on track even if I can’t keep up with the clutter every single day.

But on the other hand, spring cleaning is a commitment. And if you don’t actually get everything sparklingly, perfectly clean…well…I feel like I’ve failed somehow.

That’s why this year, I’ve decided to break up the chore a bit. Every weekend (despite all the weekends this month and next being a bit, shall we say, insane), I’m going to tackle at least one hidden corner of mess and at least one DIY project that I’ve been putting off.

We’ll call it the month of “Will You Just Do That Already?” Or, the month of “No Excuses.” Or the month of “It’s Really More Important That You Just Do Whatever it is You’re Promising to Do Rather Than Come Up With a Cutesy Name For It.”

Kinda rolls of the tongue, right?

Last weekend, I actually did quite a bit of cleaning in the living room/dining room/kitchen because I had company over on Friday night and our tax guy came over Sunday morning. (How old do saying the words “our tax guy” make one feel? Really, really old. That’s how.) And as you know, I like to maintain the illusion that we live in a perfectly organized life when guests are over.

This weekend, I have three goals:

1. Organize the hall clothes closet. The hubs has this maelstrom of shoes going on in the lower left-hand corner, and the shelves are all kinds of wonky. (Technical term.) So this weekend, that ends.

2. Sew the new bedroom pillows. The fabric came in over the weekend, and it’s super pretty in person. I can’t wait to get it put together to adorn the bed. (Who knows? I might even invest in the new comforter too.)

3. Finally go to Goodwill. I feel like I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for a million years, but I really, really mean it this time. Sunday. I’m there. And I’m on the hunt.

Oh, and I also will hopefully get started on the shadow boxes. I organized a few of the knick knacks I want to include last Sunday, so now I just need to wait for the photos I had printed to arrive, buy some matting, and get the dang thing started.

What about you guys? Do you do your spring cleaning in one big sweep or break it up into smaller tasks? Speaking of which, what little chores do you find yourself putting off for weeks?