Wedding Guest Attire…and BEYOND.

Welp, I finally just did it. I finally bought a dang dress so we can all I can stop talking about it. Who finally stole my heart? Well, this little number.

I know, I know. It’s nothing like what I said I wanted. Well, it turns out what I said I wanted doesn’t exist. (Remember? I bought that blue dress, but it was too big and they don’t have my size and MAYBE I JUST CAN’T WEAR DRAPED DRESSES OKAY SO GET OFF MY BACK.) So I went with what I do well: one-shoulder, A-line skirts with cinched waists and modest price tags. Done and done.

Plus, I can also wear it to Annie‘s rehearsal dinner in September. Which means I’m basically paying $20 per wear. Which, if you’re well-versed in the world of dress purchases, is a pretty good deal. I’ll take it.

Now we can move onto more important things. LIKE ACCESSORIES. (I deeply apologize to anyone truly not interested in this topic. I promise this is the last time it will come up. But when I get focused on something, I literally cannot think about anything else. It’s a blessing/curse.)


Here’s what I’ve put together so far. (Because I’m still obsessed with mood boards.)

1. The dress, as I mentioned, came from Ruche, which I had never heard of before the day I bought the dress. Fortunately, The Everygirl, (via Pinterest) had my back yet again.

2. I’m kind of obsessed with the look of white enamel and yellow gold lately, so I’d love to  pick up a pair of polished drop earrings, like these Beaded Floral Earrings from Forever 21. (Noticing a trend with my style? Cheap is the only way to live when you’re not a gah-billionaire.)

3. Speaking of enamel and gold, I’m also dying over this Alexis Bracelet from Pree Brulee. If you haven’t heard of Pree Brulee…just know that they are my new go-to accessory place when I want to invest a little more than I would at Forever 21. Learn to love ’em. (And yes, I see the irony that the bracelet costs the exact same amount as the dress. Save-here-splurge-there is the name of the game.)

4. In the name of continued savings, I’m probably going to wear my nude heels from Aldo (these Capeforal Patent Court Shoes are similar).

5. And finally, just to prove that I may shop like a penny-pincher but still have luxurious aspirations, in my dream ensemble I would carry this Grand Street Kaley bag from Kate Spade. In real life, I’ll probably sub in my Harrison Street Lacey wallet that I bought on super sale about a year ago. Either way, it will indulge my Kate obsession, so I’m going to be happy.

So what do you think? Ladylike and pretty? Or beyond boring? (It doesn’t escape my attention that there’s a lot of beige and ivory happening up there…) But can you see it? With hair either half up or maybe twisted back a bit, a la this:

Eh? At least I know I could do that look myself. (MEANING EVEN MORE SAVINGS!)(I’ll stop now.)